One Line Flow

I need to get my stuff together because this scrambling at night to get some writing in is rather exhausting, but a goal has been set and I am determined to meet it. I’ve still not gotten any prompts to fill so I found a prompt generator and grabbed one of the lines and just let it flow. So here we go…


He was given the restaurants, and that’s what made him common. He fought for the respect, that’s what made him exceptional. Quinn Dandferd was the darling, youngest child of Elise and Edgar Dandferd; billionaires by way of Edgar’s family who had invested properly at the turn of the century and kept doing so for generations. Most of the family had lived off the cushion of their ancestor’s intelligence but after twenty-three years of it Quinn had grown tired of the light touches and assumed stupidity he possessed.

It was nice growing up with access to the best of things; education, arts, vacations, opportunities, but the stares and eye rolls and perception he was a spoiled rich kid with nothing else to offer had always bothered Quinn. His brother and sister though, lapped at the luxury and took any chance to continue the lifestyle. Jessica was currently a “personal assistant” to model Lilian Nyer but all that meant was she traveled with Lilian as a part of her entourage while Edgar and Elise kept her bank account in the plus with her monthly stipend. And Brian after partying his way through his twenties took a made up position at their family’s’ investment company.

Quinn had gone to school and gotten his degree in business and then took the money he had saved from the job he got despite everyone in his family not understanding and the internships he earned and traveled Europe like so many college kids did. He’d seen Europe before, plenty of times with his family on their elaborate vacations but this time he stayed in hostels and went down the streets his parents had turned up their noses at before. It was in those streets he often found the best restaurants, the ones that made him fall in love with food on a different level. He’d asked to watch the chef cook in some, and to watch the way they created their dishes made Quinn wish he could bring that sort of passion and delectable food to others. So when he returned home he began researching spaces and chefs just out of culinary schools.

His parents had refused to let him do it all alone, they insisted on buying the buildings as their graduation gifts to him, and so while a part of him would always hate the world he grew up in but without it he wouldn’t be where he is and without his parents he wouldn’t be himself so he smiled and thanked them multiple times. So he was given the restaurants, but  he also built, created, and managed them from the ground up earning the respect of every person he hired and the onlookers as they went. Three brand new restaurants all with different themes and menus was maybe crazy as a start but when he would stop in and watch the faces of his guests he knew it was all worth it. Quinn now knew that his ability to never worry about being alright would come from his hard work and not just his family name.



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