A and B

Found today’s prompt over at Fuck Yeah Character Development on Tumblr, a great page I really dig when I need to find ways to make a character more real and therefore easy to write. I especially love when they do their Character A and Character B prompts which they were rolling out all day today, so I read through them again and grabbed one that I felt most drawn to.


Characters A and B discover a 24-hour bookstore on a late night adventure one weekend.

It’s not that Alex believes in omens but when the car of your blind date breaks down after a just okay dinner filled with stilted conversation it seems like maybe a little of a sign. Looking over James was signing off some papers with the tow truck guy, nodding and listening to the longest speech Alex has ever not listened to but watched from a slight distance. There was more nodding, an exchanging of cards and then with a wave the burly guy that had basically lifted the car onto the platform himself got in his truck and drove down the road.

James crossed the road with his hands in his pocket and a slight smile on his face despite the fact his form of transportation just crapped out. When he stood just a few paces before Alex he stopped and pointed over his shoulder before speaking, “They said it’s just a small belt thing that they can fix right away in the morning and have done before I need to go to work.”

“But before we could get home.” It came out before Alex could even turn on her filter, she flinched and caught his raised eyebrows. “Sorry, that rude. I am happy that it’s not some major cashing sucking part though.”

“Thanks.” James laughs out while he sticks his hand back in his jeans pocket and rocks back and forth on his feet. “So I could get you a cab, or there are a few cool shops still open around here we could maybe pop in.”

His smile is endearing, Alex wouldn’t deny that and it’s probably really rude to hold their early awkwardness against him. She was just as weird about her first ever blind date and how insistent Liz was about them doing this. Meeting someone for the first time as you get in their car to go have dinner with them doesn’t necessarily put either party on the best foot. It was totally possible the mess with the car was meant to put them more at ease with each other. Nodding she looks over his shoulder to see a little shop with the windows lit up to show off the case upon case of books, nodding with her head she says, “Yeah okay, what about that book store?”

Turning the top half of his body, James takes in the place and is grinning wide by the time he faces her again. “Game on, book stores are my favorite.”

Already something new she learned about him, and something they seemed to have in common. They fall into step easily enough and cross the street as they talk about what’s better the big chain book stores or the little niche ones like the one they were going to. Inside they decided to take turns finding their favorite books and reading passages to each other. Hour after hour they wandered around the two floors of the store, stopping to get coffee and muffins from the small little stand in the back corner. It was closer to sun up when they had put their last book back on the self and made their way out of the store.

Reaching his arm high James whistled and waved down the lone cab that happened to be making its way down the road, when it stopped opened the door for her and Alex had to admit she was a little sad to be calling it a night. Turning towards him she let one hand rest on the top of the door, just near his own, and the other ghost the back of the seat. “I had a lot of fun despite the whole car break down thing.”

“Yeah, same here.” he said and took a step down from the curb  to get more on her level, “We should do this again, minus the car breaking down.”

Bouncing her head in agreement Alex felt good about that idea, inching in she placed a small kiss on the corner of his mouth before pulling back and saying, “Agreed. Call me later.” She stepped down into the cab after he gave her a nod and said goodnight. The night had started out awkward, had a freakishly strange moment with the car, but it turned out really fun and she got to know James on a different level, one that piqued her interest and made her want to get to know him better.


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