I don’t have a ramble for today or much to talk about so instead I am just gonna jump in with this random bit that came to me last night as I was trying to sleep. It managed to keep with me over night and all day so that kind of demands my attention towards it I suppose. Hope you’re having a lovely Friday and it leads to an even better weekend!



There is a difference between finding someone attractive and just the mere presence of someone makes you hyper aware of the organ beating in your chest. The room takes on a sudden tangible tension that heightens depending on the space between you and them and your attention is split between the people you are with and location of said individual. If they came over obviously you wouldn’t dislike it because, well duh you’re attracted, but you worry about the possibility of sticking your foot in your mouth and killing any chance they might feel that similar tension.

Making eye contact is a whole different experiment in asking your heart not to contain itself; their eyes, whatever the color and whatever the lighting, are perfect simply because they happen to be holding your own. Usually it’s not even seconds before a quirk in your lip and a flush rolls its way up your neck, into your cheeks, and ending in the curve of the tips of your ears. When it ends it feels like a blessing and a curse because while you can breathe deep again you are back to watching the ice move around your glass or the conversation going on around you.


…and that’s all I got. I really thought if I just got the initial idea/line out (the mere presence of someone makes you hyper aware of the organ beating in your chest) I could let my brain wander and free write something decent. But all the farther I got before getting stuck was what is above. I can feel that there needs to be more, obviously, but anything I come up with feels stupid and just wrong. So even though it’s really short I am leaving it as it because I am  okay with what I do have and maybe I can return at a later date to make it better and more meatier.


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