Break From the Writing Norm

This was supposed to go up yesterday but I got a little distracted in the afternoon & then dinner out turned into a night out so here we are. Which you’ll also notice I did not write yesterday for the same reasons so coming later today will be a post with two writing pieces  inside to make up for that. However this is a return to some donations because it’s been a little while and October I have three planned so better start rolling them out.

Today’s is for an organization suggested to me by my friend Jill. She was one of the few I told about my ‘Project 25’ before I posted about it and so she is also one of the first to git me a suggestion. Her group is Taylor’s Gift which is a really inspiring and unique group in what their story is and what they do. I don’t know if it is the same in other places or families but I’ve been aware of the concept of organ donation for as long as I can remember, it was always discussed or sort of even drilled into me that being an organ donor was an important and great thing. So when I did get my permit and had to check the box about being an organ donor should I be in any sort of accident it was no question about doing so.

Jill herself is a paramedic and so I understand immediately her connection to a group like this and why she was drawn to it and suggested it to me. I’ve heard some pretty wicked stories from her and those make it all the easier for me to support Taylor’s Gift and all of the organ donation business. I just think it seems like  an easy choice to decide to help people in need of organs that you’ll no longer be in need of once you’ve passed. Of course I’ve heard arguments or concerns against it and those are other people’s choices but I’ve never been swayed that it’s the right decision to make to be an organ donor. So I am happy Jill introduced Taylor’s Gift to me and equally as happy to donate to them during this project to help them with their fantastic cause.



So 1/3 of the way done with donations for the month and therefore 16/25 done overall! It’s really crazy to see how fast this all has gone and how far I’ve gotten with a decent amount of time left too. Each time I make a donation I am just sort of taken back by the toll of all that this project was when I first started and how normal or regular it seems now. I am excited to keep pushing forward and enjoying the ride until the end in March.

I’ll be back later today with a new post and more writings! :)


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