Crushed Tightly to Each Other

If we fear Friday the 13th you’d think when the 13th falls on a Monday we should really be jumping out of our skin. I thought for sure it was going to affect my day when I had a horrible time falling asleep last night only to wake up at 6 and not be able to get back to sleep really before my alarm went off. But really that aside the day has been pretty average and okay, even decent if you count how active my brain has been with a few ideas for stories and little blurbs to keep the daily writing up.

Which leads me to today’s writing. It may shock some people (actually probably a lot) but I really dig proposal/wedding videos. Like I myself won’t consider marriage until it’s legal for everyone, which we are over half way there for the U.S. so yeah!) and also I need to find a guy who would consider spending a significant amount of time (i.e. “forever”) with me. And I am not in to the obnoxious, over-the-top weddings that society and a culture has let grow into this giant money sink hole where people are spending upwards of a really good college education on the day. I mean I guess to each their own but that’s just not for me. I do however looooove cutesy, mushy, adorable love stories and the idea of celebrating a couple’s love just makes me warm and fuzzy. So this weekend when I got sucked into watching wedding proposal after wedding proposal on YouTube I was not shocked my head started to spit out related story ideas. And now that I’ve confessed to being a big ‘ole softy have what became the most complete and thought out plot that I had created.


Somewhere in the background was a soft playing record that Franklin had put on hours ago to help Lucie with her writing. She’d always preferred the realness of scratches on vinyl to anything coming out of a computer, phone, or CD player and while at the beginning of their relation ship Franklin couldn’t stand it he’d grown fond of it. Even the constant tapping of nails over keys had become a familiar and relaxing sound that Franklin sought out when he was feeling stressed or anxious. They had been a couple that nobody expected to go farther than the first few dates, Lucie was a writer with weird hours and routines while Franklin was a mechanic fond of early mornings and a set routine. And it hadn’t been easy sometimes but both had done an equal share of bending and making room for the other in their lives. Their connection once they were deep in conversation or especially out on the dance floor was stronger than any slight differences they had found.

When the low hum of the wireless printer in the far corner of their sitting room broke into the near silence Franklin pulled his thoughts back to present and realized he had been starting at Lucie over the book he was trying to read. When he saw that she had caught him  they shared a smile before Lucie tilted her head and spoke, “Hey would you be a doll and grab the pages I just printed? They are the first few of my new manuscript.”

Picking up the bookmark on the table beside his chair he stuck it between the thin pages and stood up while nodding. Franklin had known her editor was expecting some new stuff by the end of the month so she had been a little stressed but he was happy to hear she had a start at least. When he grabbed for the papers they were still warm and he smiled at the numerous “hot off the presses” jokes he has made to her over the years. After they had first gotten together he wasn’t sure if she was a writer that hid her works till they were perfect but quickly she had announced she was the opposite, she let him read everything she wrote no matter the state it was in. In fact he had read many a chapter of her works on the back of napkins when they were out and something struck her.

Flipping over the sheets he saw a title page filled mostly with obnoxiously large block letters reading, Here Goes Nothing…Well Something. Possibly Everything with her name, Lucie Felwitz, in neat, elegant font that had graced every manuscript and every final hardcover book she’d written. Holding one edge firmly in his left he flicked to the second page with his right and saw the dedication page in the same slanted font of her name

To my completely adored  Franklin, 

because any and everything  that is important is.

It wasn’t the first time she had dedicated anything to him, in fact all of her books had him in the dedication but always secretly. She’d rattle off some one special; her mom and dad, her sister, her best friend Luke, and even their cat Georgia and then at the end she’d add on, “oh and Defarge too.”

On their first date she had asked him his favorite novel and had laughed into his drink before answering, “Believe it or not A Tale of Two Cities.” And they both laughed loud enough the tables around them started to stare and give them withering glares but they didn’t care. He told her that he loved the Defarge’s for a reason he could never fully explain but that they entertained him the most and ever since that night she’d began calling him Defarge as a pet name and inside joke.

But to see his real name, all by itself, there in the middle of the page was unlike any feeling he’d had before. He knew that his cheeks and ears were already flushed pink, maybe even red, because he heard Lucie try to hide a snicker in her hand, she relished any chance to make him blush or squirm. So instead of looking up and giving her the satisfaction of his slightly glossy eyes he flicked the page by to at least see the title of the first chapter. However when he did so he was greeted with a mostly blank page, filled with only four words in the similar style of the title page;


He read the words. Then read them again, and again for good measure. Already by then his hands were shaking and the paper vibrated enough the words became blurry and unreadable. Whipping his head up and turning his body fully to Lucie’s chair he came to find her down on one knee holding open a navy suede box that displayed thick, ash grey band. There wasn’t an inkling she was nervous in her body, her smile was wide and her eyes alight like the first time he took her past a Barnes & Nobel to see her book in their window. She was beautiful, amazing, and his fiance now apparently.

“Yes.” He sputters and then wishes he made it more concrete, more reflective of his true emotion, “Oh hell yes!” And before he could move she was up and launching herself at him and he caught her without hesitation. They hugged for a while, enjoying the feeling of being crushed tightly to each other, before she pulled back and grabbed at his left hand to slide on the ring. It fit perfect and she looked up at him through her lashes and over her glasses she only wore when writing and he couldn’t help but bust out in a wide smile as far as his lips wold stretch.

The only downer of the moment was that the book wasn’t real, but Franklin still got his personal dedication on the next one.


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