Spirit Day

I’d love to start this with the news my lull has disappeared and I am here with a piece I was just driven to write between last night and now. However it’s not and this is actually a donation post instead, which is just as awesome really.

Today is Spirit Day, a day that represents taking a stand against bullying and supporting LGBTQA youth and in a way of doing that you wear purple to raise awareness. I thought that made it a perfect day to donate to the It Gets Better organization which my friend Megan suggested I add to my list. IGB is a great group that started as a campaign to let LGBTQA youth know that life get’s better no matter how crappy it can be at times. It spawns from a string of suicides committed by teens for the harassment and bullying they received over being gay or being perceived as gay by their peers. I remember being in college as story after story broke in that short span about the loss of these individuals, it was so heart breaking and frustrating at the same time.

When IGB first started and picked up the steam it did so quickly I thought it was a great dialogue to start. To share with LGBTQA youth who might feel scared or different or attacked or like maybe life is always going to suck it is a great way to reach them by having members of the community speak to them and tell them it will get better, it is not always going to be so shitty. Seeing and hearing from those who have bridged the gap of the potentially awful teenage years and made it to adult hood could be that extra reminder or push they needed to stay alive, to fight another day and that’s incredible.

I’ve always participated in Spirit Day since the first one back in October of 2010 and today is no different.

001 000

But if I can further help or spread awareness and information by donating as well then that’s even more fantastic. There are multiple ways to stand up against bullying not only today but everyday. For today you can head over to GLAAD and use their app to make your Facebook or Twitter image purple. They also have an amazing assortment of images to share that you can tell your friends and family you don’t stand for bullying and support LGBTQA youth. But most importantly any day of the year you can stand up to any sort of bullying if you see it happening, don’t be afraid to speak up or stop it. Nobody deserves treatment like that and especially not young people for being who they are.

I’ll be back later with some writing but I just wanted to get this out somewhat early so it didn’t feel neglected or too late to participate in some stuff.


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