Short but Adequate

Slowly waiting for a good idea to come to you is the one of the worst things ever. However trying to force something, anything, into an idea that you can work with while waiting is eve more so. Which means that tonight I just grabbed a starting sentence from the prompt generator I used before and just took off from there. I’ll admit that thing can throw out the weirdest things but that can turn out interesting stuff on occasion. Anyways moving on…


You can attack a magical disaster.

But that doesn’t mean you can beat it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t win either.

The key to magic is understanding the price.


And that’s it. I know it’s super short but I like it. It feels right to just leave it there making little sense but enough to be complete. I also know it sounds ridiculously like some left out dialogue for Rumpelstiltskin on Once Upon A Time but eh there could be worse things. Now  I am off to watch How To Get Away With Murder because somehow despite me saying I don’t need another show to watch I’ve gotten really into it.


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