Every Little Piece Love

Happy Tuesday! Today my mind is resting on a much better level than yesterdays and it’s just glorious. Also, confession: I had a ton of fun writing what I did for yesterday’s piece. There was just something so fun and new and interesting about it. I don’t know if it is the fact I am really steeped in a Regency mood lately with books and characters but it just felt good to try to write that and I felt pretty pleased with how it turned out. So I may return to those characters and that little story later in the month, or tuck it away for future development into an actual story maybe.

Anyways, do you guys ever have phases where you listen to one artist and all their stuff on a loop constantly? I’ve been doing that a lot lately. It started with Ed Sheeran and now I’ve migrated to Taylor Swift. I’ve always enjoyed her music even if at times I didn’t particularly agree with her actions or persona or what-have-you, and that’s just the beauty of growing up with a “celebrity” when you are similar in age and both growing and maturing. But lately I’ve come back around to just really digging her all around and so with her new songs and promo for her new album being everywhere I have just dived back into her discography and remembering how good I find it all…well okay there are two songs I just really could never get into but I’ll admit to their catchiness so I still listen anyways. And since the other day I did a haiku I was reminded that poetry is usually a good way for me to play around and find some creative mojo or inspiration and that Found Poetry is some of my favorite.

So I grabbed two songs from each of Taylor’s albums that I’ve always loved and been drawn to when I got to listen and took those lyrics to make a poem. So technically I didn’t “write” anything today but I uh…used my brain in a creative way to tell a sorta story with words so that can technically count right? And on top of that I did most of this in hand writing before typing so there is that element in my favor too. :)

These are the songs I used for this (in chronological order); from Taylor Swift Tim McGraw‘ & ‘Stay Beautiful‘ (which is one of my all time favorites from her btw), from FearlessFearless‘ & ‘Change‘, from Speak Now Enchanted‘ & ‘Long Live‘, & from RedAll Too Well‘ & ‘The Lucky One‘. I know I could have grabbed from ‘Shake It Off’ and ‘Welcome to New York’ or ‘Out of the Woods’ but I wanted to grab from albums I’ve had the chance to listen to fully and be able to understand which songs I gravitate too. So with that all being said below is the poem that I haven’t titled but maybe I’ll go with ‘Every Little Piece Love’ because it’s a lyric I didn’t get to use but I still just adore to bits.

Edit: Okay so either there isn’t a way to do it or I am just not capable of figuring it out (totally likely) but the way I ended up structuring it was that it was two lines/four lines/ two lines/four lines/two lines. I have no idea why but it just kinda happened after the first six lines and I liked it and kept it. However it all just becomes line after line after line on here so the dash marks are to cut it up the way I wrote it out by hand and envision it as a piece. Carry on.


In words that nobody knows

Is a letter that you never read

And it took some time, but I understand it now

You taught me about your past, thinking your future was me

You take me by the hand and drag me head first

May these memories break our fall

Repeating history and you’re getting sick of it

Not where the story line ends

Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place

You pull me in and I’m a little more brave

The playful conversation starts

I was screaming long live the magic we made

I’m taking pictures in my mind

That had the tendency of gettin’ stuck


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