Slight but Effective

Lots of ups and downs this week. Today was a bit of a downer considering that no matter what I did I just could not get myself to wake up. I yawned all darn day and no amount of caffeine or sugar helped me. Which also made my brain rather lame in attempts to think up anything snazzy or super interesting so instead I just thought I’d go with a free thought/write sort of thing. I’ve had this…phrase that has always come to me when I daydream and am either traveling or people watching at the same time. So I am just going to go with that and see where my brain wonders.


Do you ever wonder how many stories you interrupt or insert yourself into each day?

Each of us has our own unique story going on as we live life day-to-day and there of course are reoccurring characters like friends, family, and coworkers but there are always going to be those one-off or sub-characters that only show up on occasions or just the one time. But even those characters have their own stories to tell and they’ve crossed over into yours for a brief amount of time and vice versa for you. It’s just a crazy thought.

To wonder what lead this person to this day and this moment that they interact with you. I think about it as I share exchanges with store employees or fellow shoppers often. Does this person like their job? Do they have a big family? What about the state of their romantic life? Are they squeaky clean? Or do they have some skeletons?

It’s just so many questions can be asked and they all would tell a truly special and intricate story of that person and the life they lead. Today as I came across a few hitch-hikers on a drive I was just curious what brought them to this point in their lives. How were their childhoods? What do their futures look like? Who is going to be the person that stops to let them into their story and car to transport them to a new setting?

Or what about the girls that sat in the lobby of a restaurant with me? They drove separate so is this a weekly dinner thing? Or just a random ‘we all have some down time let’s catch up’ date? How long have they been friends? Are some closer than others? How was their dinner? Their waiter/waitress? What would the rest of their days consist of while mine is just going back home and then working till it is time to go home?

I could of course try to fill in their stories for them, to entertain myself by casting them in roles and tropes and giving them things to do or achieve but for me the wondering is always much more interesting and real. These aren’t my characters to mold and shape into interesting beings that either have a very set story to tell or end game goal. No these are real people who help me to populate the Earth and make it go around by just simply living the lives we do. Our stories are not the same but for today, for this moment, they are overlapping and existing in a similar state. The overall arc of our stories are now forever changed because we’ve shared an interaction, no matter how brief it was. Our lives can’t go back, they now have a credit in the long, long, list of characters that appear in our story…even if they read something like “young girl in neon pink sweatshirt” instead of their name.

A lot of us strive to be important, to be relevant, and most of us experience a feeling of feeling completely unimportant or relevant but every day we are making a difference in others lives and their stories just by existing. By not doing this their day would have looked different, even if it is in the smallest of ways. It’s a little validating to think that my choice to go out into the world, to stop by and pick up a few things from the store, leaves an impact on someone else’s life and not just my own.

So I often wonder how many stories I make cameos in daily.


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