Chit Chat

Good evening! I have been pretty happy with the stuff I’ve churned out this week and that alone makes my mood better but it’s also nice to realize it’s Thursday which means we are that much closer to the weekend and while I do still work this weekend it just feels more relaxed and I’ll take that feeling whenever I can get it.

While I was in a pleasant mood over this week’s work I thought back to pieces from last year that I had been pretty pleased with and one of the exercises I remember trying and enjoying was the dialogue only one. It was something I’ve never ever tackled and when I approached it I was nervous but ended up really digging what I came up with even if it was pretty short. So I thought why not return to that concept, and not only that but why not return to those same characters from last year? I mean it might be difficult for readers because they don’t picture the characters I do when I am writing but in some ways that can be a positive too, allow you all to envision your own perfect characters to live out the words of the story. If you need or want a refresher you can read last year’s dialogue only post here but it’s not mandatory to understand what is below.


“You’ve gotta be kidding me.”


“Remember yesterday how I asked you to stop and get some milk on your way home?”

“Umm…can I plead the fifth?”

“Not unless that counter has transformed into the stand you think you’re taking.”

“Okay so I forgot to stop. I was exhausted after a particularly shitty day and all that I had on my mind was coming home, taking a long, hot shower, and getting in bed next to you.”

“Nope. You do not get to use cuddling as a valid excuse.”

“Ahh I can, and I just did. I didn’t do it to flatter you into being less angry, I know better than that. I did it because you are a person that appreciates the truth and genuine remorse…which I am by the way.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Prove it. Run down to that little gas station around the corner and get some milk.”

“Wha…okay let me find some pants and shoes. Sweatpants are acceptable at eight a.m. right?”

“Kiss me.”

“Really? Do you want a kiss or milk?”

“Both. Kiss then milk.”


“You love it.”

“I do.”


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