Before I Die

Why I thought today would be a relaxing Friday I’ll never know. It’s been long and hectic and therefore I am squeezing in some writing while I can before it gets too late and I miss midnight. This also means I just went to a usual prompt site and grabbed one instead of trying to wrack my brain and come up with something myself. This time I ventured over to Writing Prompts and went to the list of 180 prompts he uses for his classes and this Bucket List one jumped out at me for some reason. So..yeah let’s just jump in!


The 2007 movie The Bucket List popularized the idea of putting together a list of all the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” What would you put on your bucket list? Make the list and then write out why those things are on there and how likely you think it is that they will actually happen.

So I’ve already done a Bucket List of 100 things before and while I don’t have it handy I am also not about to torture you all with all 100 items anyways. So instead I thought I’d pull 10 that I can remember from memory and then discuss them like requested above. These 10 are in no order of importance or in which I wish to accomplish them either, just 10 random things I want to do before I die.

1. Graduate from college with a degree. // There was a bit of time in my life I didn’t consider this important or necessary, at least not right away after high school. The whole concept of how much you pay for college terrified me and I just thought maybe I didn’t need to put myself in that kind of debt, because frankly debt in any regards sorta scares the life out of me. But then I realized it was important and something I, personally not in general, needed to make a life I would eventually be happy with. In the end it was scary and frustrating but worth all of that, and yes even the debt I now am stuck firmly in. I learned a ton not only about topics I studied but myself as well and it helped to craft me into the person I am today who is someone I am pretty pleased with if I can too my own horn.

2. Visit all 50 states. // This sort of just became a thing after my friend Kinsey and I did a road trip for our sophomore year fall break. We fit in 15 states in 8 days and I had been to a few but I also added a nice chunk and then I was like, “Hey why the hell can’t I see all 50 before I die?” Traveling is a thing I love and if I could make a profession of it I definitely would. Our rules were that for a state to count you either had to sleep, eat, or buy something in the state and we still sorta abide by those as we travel in general now. Currently I stand at 33 of the 50 visited and considering when we started the whole ordeal I had only been to eight I find that pretty neat.

3. Get a book published. // It’s a fairly obvious and expected thing for me but real none-the-less. I’ve said for a while now one of my biggest dreams in terms of seeing myself as a writer is that I want to create a character that has meaning or affects someone in a similar way some of my favorites have myself. If I can just read one person on a level that my favorite authors have I can be pleased and content with my attempts to be a Writer. I never want to be cocky or arrogant when it comes to believing in my talent but I do think this is an attainable goal if I continue to dedicate myself to writing as often as I can and never giving up just because it is hard more often than it is not.

4. Make a big mistake. // I am aware of how bizarre this sounds…who really wants to make a big mistake? But I do. I think that at some point we all experience the trials of making a decently sized mistake and most people will tell you they learned from it and it built their character. I don’t have any idea what realm of a mistake I wish/think I can/will make and that in the moment I won’t be hating myself for thinking it was “good” but I do think it would be worth it to see myself pull up and out from the experience. So yes, it is possibly still a really stupid statement but whatever I stand by it.

5. See an elephant in person. // And I don’t mean in a circus setting because…no. I want to see an elephant that is happy and treated with kindness rather than trained and abused to perform. They are such wonderfully, beautiful, majestic creatures that I think to be in their general presence would be so humbling. I’d love to be able to pet or feed one and just exist near it. The likelihood of this happening is real enough, just when is the true question.

6. Eat Caviar. // Super silly but you hear so much about it and how it is so fancy and upper class I am just damn curious. I will admit the idea of eating fish eggs is a bit repulsive but at the same time if you see people shell out thousands of dollars for a tiny little can you have to either assume it is a) totally worth it or b) ridiculous enough to be such a status symbol. This too is a fairly attainable thing but it’s just about when I’ll have the financials to just throw down some hefty cash on a possibly nasty delicacy.

7. Learn to play an instrument. // I was in band in middle school for all of five seconds before I was like, “Nope.” Admittedly I gave up way too easily but I was 13 and didn’t care that I was being a brat and a quitter. Now however I wish I could have stuck with it just so I could read notes easier/better and could try to tackle something like piano or guitar now. I love to watch people who can play do so but I also kinda hate that I have to wait around for those people and I myself can just do it for fun. This comes down to me having time and the determination to stick with learning a new talent…which as I age could either be easy or difficult. We’ll see if anyone in my life is patient enough to take on teaching me something.

8. See a woman become president. // I mean…how cool would that be? Getting to live through, and vote for, the first non-white president was a really awesome thing and now I just want to be able to say I was there (and hopefully voted for too) when the first woman becomes president. I do fully believe it is inevitable now and only time will tell when it happens because I think there is a whole culture ready for it. Fingers crossed Hilary chooses to run in the next election because I would very proudly vote for her and be proud to call her my president.

9. Travel to Koln, Germany. // Or just Germany in general but most important is Koln. My aunt is from that area of Germany and ever since I took German in high school I’ve been in love with and obsessed with the cathedral there in Koln. It’s a true thing of beauty and while I am not an overly religious person I need to just be in the presence of that structure and take it all in. Not to mention to get in touch with the place my aunt grew up and lived until she moved here with my uncle would just be the coolest. This will happen someday, I know it. I don’t know when but I refuse to let myself dream about it for as long as I have (and will until I can make it happen) and not make it a reality.

10. Kiss under the mistletoe. // Ohh it’s a lovey-dovey/mushy one! I can be pretty cynical about my ‘forever alone’ status most days but it’s true I am a pretty big sap for dorky and cheesy love stuff. I at least once want to live out a relationship that’s almost sickening cute and too much for people to handle. And yeah I wanna kiss under the mistletoe some time in the future, the more rom-com and movie like set up the better! This one is totally up to the Universe with how/when it happens but I hope that it leaves some sympathy or pity for me and makes it happen.

So yeah there is a sampling of then things I want to do (or have done like in the case of number one) before I peace out of this life. I know this wasn’t necessarily the writing I should have been doing to help prep myself for NaNoWriMo like I am trying to use this month for but every once in a while you need to break out of a routine. I think exercises like these though help me in different ways than the other prompts do, they help me get more in touch with myself as a person and writer and how I approach certain things. They help me to find a comfort zone to write in and just get stuff done.

And I’ve also noticed I have been really selfish in the way that I don’t really open up a dialogue with you the readers of these posts. I know last year I ended some with questions and little messages and this year I’ve neglected to be that involved and that makes me feel crappy. Who am I to expect likes or comments when I barely even interact with you guys other than the little opening stuff I do? So instead today I am gonna ask you what you guys have on your Bucket List? What are some major ones and what are some silly ones? Do you keep track of accomplishments?

Let me know in the comments or even in the ‘Contact Me’ tab way up above if you don’t want it to be public. I really do appreciate each and every one of the likes or views I get on these things and I forget to tell you guys that from time to time and that’s not cool. I aim to be relatively cool too.


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