Each Beat is Like the Rolling

When weekends turn out as glorious as you picture them all week it is just the best. I mean hey I still had to work today and then came home to do an hour of raking but despite all that I am feeling super peppy and hyper and like the day couldn’t have been better. I got to sleep till almost noon and then had a lovely meal, then worked and listened to the Huskers finish another winning game while being oober productive, and then there was the matter of raking but I had awesome tunes and lovely weather (for late October that is) to do it all in so I can’t complain. However the fantasticness of my mood does make it a little more difficult to sit down and write, which is why I figured that while I have it on my mind I should do it and stop avoiding it.

For today I am just going to go with this idea that came to me as I couch danced to a song. I know I am not the only one that has times of just dancing around their house or room because you can’t find the need to boogie songs or energy or a good mood give you and I was just thinking about the sheer thrill of living in that moment so happy and free and like nothing else matters. So the idea of sharing that with a best friend came to me shortly after and I just started to picture the scene and put it together in my head and came up with the below text. I really dig when I can think up great best friend scenes because being an only child my life and memories consist of best friends and all our great times, they mean the world…nay universe to me and I live for the chance to put the raw and true love I have for them into a writing piece. So hopefully that comes across as well as I’d like it too.


A new song starts up, the perfect song and you’re eyes catch and without having to question or confirm you both get up and throw your hands in the air and hips from side to side. You’re not sure if she turned up the volume of if just the sheer perfectness of the moment made it feel louder but the beats feel like they rumble through your body and the singer’s voice drown out almost everything else. Her hair brushes against your arm as she throws her head around and you can’t fight the smile that forms on your face at watching your best friend lost totally in a moment with you and enjoying it to the fullest. Soon you mimic her actions and can feel the loose bun atop your head wobble until finally the fun you’re having is too much for the elastic ban to handle and it loses its grip, letting your hair splay out into the air.

What was just moments ago a typical night of hanging out has become a mini dance party and this living room the stage for you two to shake all that you’ve got and let loose in the purest ways. You both can forget about the responsibilities that await you tomorrow and just indulge in the here and now with each other and this perfect song that demands you smile carelessly. You seem to be wrapped in a little bubble that says it’s okay to be silly, have a fun, and wave your hands around both to the beat and as off as you can manage. Spinning around you can feel any stress that lingered under your skin shake off and it causes another laugh to tumble out of you and it’s just loud enough to be heard over the music and just seconds later is echoed a few feet away.

The song holds plenty of memories already as it is but now you know in the future this feeling and flashes will come to you as well. The high of being as relaxed and free as you can be, the joy of sharing this with someone who means so much, the dizzying sensation of being at some sort of peace. You’re sure this is exactly what being in Neverland must feel like, to be a Lost Boy…or girl forever in that prime of youth surrounded by your friends and having a blast like it’s all the world requires of you.

Each beat is like the rolling of a masseur’s hand over a knot of wound muscle, letting it go flat and soft for the time being because you know tomorrow you’ll be tight and sore from the release but it will be completely worth it. Moments that are as vulnerable and real don’t come all that often and you forget to cherish them as much as you should until you’re stuck smack-dab in the middle of them. So right now as you  faintly hear the song winding down you throw your head back in total euphoria and catch her eye as she does the same and you know that she is feeling two. And somehow a moment in which you thought couldn’t get any more perfect does because you’re not alone in it.


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