Pink for a Purpose

As the wonderful month of October comes to an end I am both happy and sad. Happy because it’s been a great month that I always look forward to anyways and sad because…well it’s ending. I do have a lot to look forward to in November so there is at least that to keep my positive attitude up. Today though is the day I make my last donation of the month and maybe for a few weeks while I try to spend as little money as possible in early November.

This one is one I’ve been anxious about getting to since I first launched the project and am super glad it’s finally here. October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month it was only the perfect time to make my donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and so I am pretty giddy the time to donate has arrived. I’ve always been aware of breast cancer for as long as I can remember but I am not certain why. I have not hand anyone in my immediate family or really close friends battle the disease so it’s not something I’ve necessarily faced on a personal level. I have however had friends who were, through parents or grandparents and watching them fight along with their loved ones is really inspiring.

I could have done this earlier in the month but today makes much more sense given a friends mom who has battled breast cancer had a benefit this morning in their hometown. So this morning Ma and I got up and wore some pink and drove over to have pancakes and sausage (which were delicious) and donate a little and oogle all the yummy looking baked goods that were for sale. It was really awesome to see how a community can come together to support someone and cheer for them, and it was especially nice to be there for a friend. Before we left I made my donation to BCRF in honor of Jill’s mom and it’s just a really great way to end such a beloved month.



With this one it means we have 18 donations down and just seven left! As I creep closer to completion I get more and more delighted at how far this has come since just about a year ago when the idea first came to me and late March when I launched it officially. Getting to give back to charities and organizations that touch my life, whether it be immediately or through important people in my life, is one of the better feelings in the world. Of course I’ll be back later with a daily writing prompt but for now have a lovely Sunday! :)


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