Oh Thursday, I like the fact that you’re one of my easier days but then that always brings with it the free time that leaves me anxious not sure what to do in order to keep from being bored or over thinking random things. However it is nice that on these nights I have more time to think of or work on writing so that is really nice. I wasn’t sure exactly where to go with today’s prompt but then I was reminded how much I enjoyed writing the Regency piece and thought maybe I could revisit that world. I had thought of continuing on from where I left off but then I thought maybe it would be fun to re-write the initial scene but from the male’s point of view.


Pulling at the sleeves of his jacket once again Thomas tries to focus on the conversation happening before him. For the last hour he had been following his brother around as he introduced him to family after family from the area. On the one hand it was nice to get acquainted with the people of the community he grew up in but he wished it could be under less stressful events. While he had been away living with his mothers distant cousins in Germany he had adjusted to a life of much more relaxation. He only wore his finest attire once or twice a year, and mostly at holidays, so to be forced back into a crisp shirt and stuffy jacket had not been his idea of a comfortable evening. However he was incredibly grateful for this ball Colin had thrown in honor of his return, to see the effort his brother had put into welcoming his younger sibling back spoke volumes to the love he possessed and Thomas was not about to complain about being loved.

It was also very pleasant to see the relationship and kinship Colin had built with the people of this area that they called home. Both of them had grown up under the impression Colin would take over for their father at the publishing house in London and therefore Thomas had resigned himself to living a life here in the tiny community nestled away just outside of the bustling city. But then on his seventeenth birthday an opportunity to leave his mothers family and help them run their new business and it was one he took willingly for the adventure. It had been difficult to be away from his family for years at a time but the experience he had gained was completely irreplaceable and leaving had been sad but his father’s retirement called for it.

So far only a few other enthusiastic mothers had paraded their daughters in front of him and he sympathized with their mortification for he himself was never apt at the dance of interacting with women not his family or close friends. There had been one young woman he considered entering upon a courtship with while he was away but it had turned out her family had other plans for her with a family friend. She had promised she was happy and she wasn’t simply continuing into marriage just to please her family so Thomas had let her go knowing to interrupt someone’s happiness was one of the more distasteful actions. But thus far tonight he had not been caught off guard by anyone in the ways his family hoped he would, all these young women here were well-looking and of very nice families but he couldn’t say he was thinking of anything beyond tonight.

And that’s when he first saw her. She entered at the main hall doors with her family; her parents brought up the rear and she had been flanked on either side by what he assumed where her sisters. The one to her right appeared the oldest with a crisp yellow dress highlighting the bright shade of her hair that was piled mostly on top of her head. At her left was a girl of similar hair but she allowed a few tendrils to cascade down her back of which was covered in a blue fabric, whose eyes were quickly scanning the crowd in search of someone. But the girl to which he was drawn had hair the color of deep cherry wood and most of it was free-falling down around her shoulders and back while a few pieces had been pinned back to not hide her face. Her dress was a light shade of green that complimented her fair skin tone and blue…almost violet really eyes.

She’s already departing from her sisters and on her way to a quiet corner of the floor before he has time to acknowledge his interest. Watching her gracefully sit and watch the proceedings around her peaks his curiosity in her more as he hasn’t witnessed a young woman here tonight is not anxious to find a partner and make her way to the dance floor. Turning back to his brother and their company for a moment he excuses himself from the conversation and begins to make is way around the groups of people so he arrives on her blind side and sits beside her.

His presence brings her head around and he watches as her eyes, definitely a unique shade, take him in before she speaks, “Good evening.” The lilt of her voice speaks of confidence but also inquisitiveness, and the way she takes him in warms an even wider smile to his face that he can’t hold back even if he had wanted to.

“Good evening.” he returns to her through a soft laugh and before he continues on, “I couldn’t help but notice while most young ladies are shuffling on the dance floor or talking in whispers with their friends you sit here alone.”

Taking in his words he can see her trying to figure him out and be a step ahead of him and Thomas thinks maybe he should fight that, want to have the most control of the situation but he can’t help to admire that spark in her. She gives a smirk and says, ” And how can’t you be sure I didn’t just retire from a marathon of dancing with a multitude of handsome partners.”

Yes. Most definitely did she posses some fire and it was all the more enticing on her than it had ever been on any other woman he had chatted with. Lifting a free hand he shakes a finger in her direction while answering, ” Had you not caught my eye the moment you entered the hall with your family and I watched you steal away to this secluded spot I’d be very willing to believe that handsome suitors were begging a turn with you on the floor left and right.”

With the smallest hint in her eyes he could see she tried to hide her surprise but he caught it and add in the continued growth of her smirk he felt a rush of true joy rise within him. Her eyes narrowed once more and angled her head slightly to the right while addressing him, ” I see, and I suppose you are here to ask my hand for a spin first before any of those men lining up for me can get to me?”

“Precisely” he replied quick and sure of himself and the decision. Thomas was more sure of this than anything he had been all night, or even since he had returned home.  “That is if you wish to do so, if dancing is not your pleasure I would be very grateful to sit beside you and hold your company.”

Most assuredly he wanted to take her around the floor and show off that he had been granted company by the most charming woman in the room but he was content to sit beside her and talk as long as she would have him as well. He watches as she seems to consider her options and finally she answered him with a graceful smile, ” Both happen to be great pleasures of mine, but I suppose we could start with a dance.”

Offering his hand quickly he grins and speaks, ” Excellent. May I lead you to the floor Miss…”

“Charlotte.” She supplies and it instantly fits her and the personality he has just started to know in a few moments. “Charlotte Bouf.”

The name rings vaguely familiar, as did most he had been hearing tonight, but if he recalls his mother had a friend by Mary Bouf when he was a child growing up. In their walk he sneaks occasional looks at her again and tries to recall any possible memories he might have of Mary and any of her children but he seems to come up empty-handed.  Which is alright for him because it gives him much more to learn about the slightly flushed but enchanting woman now standing just inches from him as they start their dance. Capturing her eyes he grins once more and says, ” I am Thomas Tanderin.”


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