The Inception of a Journey

I meant to post this yesterday as it was when it actually came to my knowledge but then I got sidetracked by something or another and so here we are.



One year ago yesterday I was laying in bed in the wee hours of the morning unable to fall asleep as per usual and somehow my bran drifted to the fact that in three-ish months I’d be 24 and then after that I’d turn 25 (my power of deduction is very strong at times) and how crazy that was. So I started thinking how that was an age to be made special somehow, to be marked by an event or personal achievement. So I thought and thought and thought, meanwhile keeping myself up much later than necessary, and eventually came upon the basics of my Project 25.

In my head I was like, “I love when people use their birthday’s to do something good and that benefits others. Why can’t I do that too?” I think I had assumed that because I was essentially a nobody, or at the very least just an average person living a very mundane life, I didn’t earn the right to try to be that cool. But then I realized that was a whole bunch of malarkey and why the heck not to something like that?

After that the details came pretty quickly; turning 25 so why not give to 25 charities/organizations? And in keeping with the 25 trend let’s give that amount to each group (and then my brain was like ‘…ehh Magie that’s a chunk of change and you’re a post-graduate with not a ton of money’ but my heart fought back with ‘BUT CHARITY!’ and won). I think that was as far as I got that night but I did tweet out that little message above so I would be able to remind myself of this idea and not let it fall to the side.

When I woke it still seemed like a great idea and so I knew it was something I was dedicated to making happen. Over the next few weeks and months I tinkered with the details; like how I came up with the first 10 charities on my own and then asked for those in my life to give me suggestions to fill the final 15 so I was reaching a wide variety of organizations as well as including others in this adventure. I also worked out the little contract I printed and signed and keep in a folder at home with a list of all the groups and the schedule I eventually made for how I spaced all the donations out.

By the time my 24th birthday rolled around I was ready and all set to go, but I waited almost a week and then launched it. I was nervous at first and I figured that just meant that it meant this was good, this was going to be worth it. I had some fantastic responses as well as suggestions as long as I left them open and it was all the more inspiring. I got to learn about new organizations and charities that do fantastic things for people and animals and science…and well just the world in general, and at the same time got to give to old favorites as well.

As it stands right now I’ve donated to 19 of the 25 charities, making a total of $475.00 since the tail end of March 2014. I am really proud and impressed with that so far and even more so with the fact I have the rest all planned out so I won’t be scrambling fit some in or have to do 6 in the last month before my 25th birthday. I know I’ve said it quiet a few times in other donation posts, and I know I’ll say it again, but this has been a really incredible journey for me. It sounds so narcissistic and self-involved but I do mean it when I say this is one of my better ideas I’ve ever had. For years I’ve wished I could have the funds to just always be giving out money to groups I love and people who need it but it just isn’t always the case so I would when I could and that still felt good. But to have a plan like this is really…almost empowering if that makes any sense.

I am still just a young adult trying to make it in the world and I don’t have any clue if I am succeeding other than I have a roof over my head, food to eat, a steady income, and amazing people that surround me at every turn. But to turn my birthday, which is something I already love and celebrate with as much enthusiasm as I can, into such a positive and giving thing is fantastic. Plus it helps to minimize the awareness that 25 is a quarter of a century and makes me feel pretty old (in the most ludicrous sense of the word ‘old’).

So yeah I just thought it was really cool to see that a year ago I randomly came up with this concept and now I’ve not only enacted it but am in the thick of it! Like I said it’s been a really awesome ride thus far and I can’t wait to finish off this tail end and look back really happy with what I accomplished, really it’s going to be one heck of a birthday present to myself.


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