The Season of Giving

Good morning and Happy Christmas to all of you those who celebrate! If you don’t I hope your respective holiday celebrations were as splendid or will be when you celebrate! I’ve been meaning to get this months donations done and out of the way, but it’s been a hectic holiday season for me between two jobs that pick up quiet a bit with the festivities and then trying to accomplish all my own stuff as far as presents and what-have-you. So at some point I just said to myself, “Why not just do the two of them on Christmas and make it easy?”, and here we are.

It really ends up working out because then I can talk about what fun it is to use Christmas as a time to promote the joy of giving, even if it’s not to people in your life, instead of ranting on and on about the over commercialization and greed that, for me, has taken over. I’m not a big fan of Christmas, as many annoyed people in my life can attest to, but it’s never been for reasons pertaining to the “real meaning” or religion or the family time or any of the actually good stuff about it. I just am not really here for the over dramatics of buying the perfect gift or making sure you get loved ones “enough” to show your love. Gift giving is a thing I love to do when I get the chance because picking out gifts that fit the people in my life is one of the best little thrills. Getting to see an item or think of an idea you know just accurately fits the person you love, and then watching them open it is…I don’t know. One of the best little joys for me anyways.

And it’s this time of year we are often reminded about giving to those who are in need of a little help or support. And while my donations are going to organizations and charities, those people will eventually be taking my donation to help those in need of it and I feel that equates to the same thing. The two groups I chose for today were the Student Conservation Association and The American Red Cross.


The first was a charity suggested to me by a friend, Kimberly, who has actually gotten to benefit from the SCA and had nothing but great things to say for the organization. I am no outdoorsy person by a long shot but it still is really cool to read through their website and see what they all do. Even more cool is to see how they are encouraging young people with the passion already in place to further fight for and protect the environment in unique ways. What I found even more awesome about my donation there was that since my donation was being given before the 31st was going to be matched dollar for dollar! Happening upon that kind of stuff is the best and makes me smile all the way through putting in my information.



Now The American Red Cross is just kind of a classic staple in great charities. Anytime a natural disaster happens their name is one of the first you’ll hear attached to sending support and outreach for those affected. They do a numerous amount of amazing things that I can’t even begin to understand how they accomplish it all. When I was in middle school I did a small bit of volunteering for them in the most mundane way; manning a both at our local county fair with a couple of friends, but it is still really cool to get mail from them with little updates and the occasional ask for donations. It’s that kind of commitment and relationship that makes The American Red Cross that much more fantastic and worth giving my money to in hopes it can help others who are really in need of it.


I don’t want to make this any longer than it has to be because if you’ve been kind enough to take time to read it all I want you to be able to get back to any family or friends time you might be missing out on. And if you’re not missing out on either of those things I still hope you enjoy the day regardless. I maybe will be back before the clock strikes and we  start a new year but if I am not I hope you all have a lovely time in the remainder of 2014 and even more positive thoughts about the next year and what it can bring to you.

Happy Holidays! :)


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