55 to 25

It’s that time of year again! Time for everyone in my life to prepare themselves for my bout of obnoxiously counting down from my favorite number, 55, to my birthday. Luckily I’ve been graced with very kind and patient people in my lives because nobody has told me to shut it just yet (at least not to my face). The last few years I’ve tried to come up with a theme or concept to go along with my countdown and while this year it snuck up on me I wanted to tie it in with my Project 25 that I’ve been working on since just after my birthday last year, and with the input of a friend I’ve decided on ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ (RAK) as my concept.

I’m sure many of you have heard of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ before, the art of randomly doing something nice or kind for someone to make their day a little better. There is now a Random Acts of Kindness Foundation that further expands on the concepts and helps spread ideas and ways to be kind to people and the world. But for this adventure I decided for each day that passes over the next 55 I will share an idea that can be completed as a RAK in an effort to spread the positive message the whole concept lives on. Of course through out I’ll be completing my own random acts but the point of them isn’t to brag and expect praise for them but just to do them to be kind and so I don’t intend on sharing all of my things, maybe one or two here or there, but the goal is just to provide ideas that others can accomplish and bring happiness to the people in their lives.

You can catch my daily RAK suggestions by following me on Instagram if you’d like. And if you might be looking for some good lists of ideas you can check out the Ideas tab at the RAK website, or look at these few great pages I found while compiling a list of my own; 101 Easy Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness, Brad Aronson, 134 Random Acts of Kindess. I am looking forward to this as I always am each year. Birthday’s are one of my favorite things to celebrate and when I get to work in spreading positive vibes and sharing kindness I am even more anxious to get started.



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