Entering the Final Stretch

Have we reached the point where saying, “The first ______ of 2015” is annoying and no longer fun? Because if so then I apologize for talking about how this is my first donation of the year, if not then celebrate with me! I feel like a week ago I had a lot more better worded things to say about this donation but as I sit here (in a not so great mood truth be told) I am drawing so many blanks. I mean I think the group itself speaks volumes without me having to say much but that’s such a cop-out of what I’ve been doing with each of these and I don’t think it’s fair to cheat any group just because I happen to be having a less than stellar day. So bear with me if this sounds a little less polished and like myself but I’ll do my best to speak about a truly fantastic organization.

The Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) is an amazing group, they are the nations largest anti-sexual violence organizations. They have a host of sexual assault hotlines (both through the telephone and online websites) and they are heavily involved in helping policymakers and the media as well as educating individuals to prevent sexual assault. Growing up I was aware that rape and sexual assault were horrible things but given that nobody in my life (at least that I knew of) had experienced these I had little exposure to understanding the true effects of it. While taking my classes focusing on women and gender studies I got a more in-depth education on that statistics and understanding rape culture and the mental and physical effects it can have.

Advocating for things like education on the topic and for resources like the hotlines which RAINN offers and shelters for people to go to become something I made a priority. It altered my way of looking at the world because before when I would hear a joke, or let’s be real I probably even made a few myself, like, “damn that test raped me” I would have laughed but now I hear things like that and I will call the person out on how joking about those things isn’t even remotely funny. I am hyper aware of rape culture and the way it tries to shame those who have experienced rape or assault and shift blame from the attacker but to the victim. So I am also in tune with places to promote for survivors to turn to if they need the help and it’s why I added RAINN to my list of groups because they are one of the best at what they do and they reach such a wide scope of people in their efforts.








With this donation complete I have just three left! It’s crazy to take that in and accept that over the last ten months I’ve accomplished a lot and made this little late night idea a reality. I’ll try to get some posts of different nature and topics up before I make another about a new donation but I make no promises. Maybe I should brainstorm about potential topics or ideas to write on, if you guys have any feel free to let me know, but that might help make me write more often and about unique topics. However until next time, hope you all are enjoying these first few weeks of 2015! :)


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