The Representation Project

February always flies by much faster than I was expecting and on hand I like it because it gets me closer to my birthday, but on the other it just feels a little stressful that 28 days can be lived in the blink of an eye. It feels a bit like the theme of my life lately is wishing I had more time to organize or plan out ideas better and just never finding it so things are rushed and not done in the most perfect way I’d like them to be. But hey, at least their done and not forgotten.

Which brings me to this months donation, which went to one of my favorite organizations that ended up on the list. The Representation Project is something I very strongly believe in and am really passionate about. In college I was exposed to a lot of topics that somehow I had not before and an area that really captured my attention was gender and the study of gender roles. In classes I was watching movies like Killing Us Softly (I saw both 3 and 4 during my time in college), Tough Guise, Miss Representation, Middle Sex, and Dreamworlds 3. All of them affected me in strong ways and it made me want to understand as much as I could about the dynamic of gender roles and expectations and what affects they have on us as we go through life.

I do my best to live my life in which I break down gender roles or expectations whenever I can, to not subscribe myself or others to them, to talk about and discuss them with others. I just really believe that this is something we can alter and change for the better for future generations and I want to put in my best efforts at helping to make that change. I don’t really see myself having kids, but I know if I ever do that I don’t want them to live in a world that demands certain things of them based on their gender, or to allow societal expectations based on horrid patriarchal ideas to make my kids feel like freaks or like they aren’t “normal”.

What The Representation Project does and stands for is really incredible and I admire them so much, and try to support them whenever possible. Miss Representation comes from them and Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and it does a really fantastic job at looking at how girls and women are treated in the media as well as many other areas of life. And they’ve been working on a new film, The Mask You Live In, which takes a look at expectations and roles set for boys and how that affects them as they grow up and mold who they become. But I’d highly recommend any of the films I mentioned above because they address essentially the same topics but they come at them from varying angles with an incredible amount of research and information.

I thought about going on and on about my feelings but that could take up an insane amount of your time and I think leaving the video from The Representation Project’s page says it all much better than I can.

<iframe src=”//″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>


Also here be the proof of donation;









This means there are only two donations left before I have completed the list! It’s getting so much more real with each one I do and it brings up so many feelings. To think and idea I had a little over a year ago has gone past just the late night thinking and into fruition and almost done is just a little wild. Until next time! :)


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