The Penultimate Donation

Happy March everyone! As you can imagine it is an exciting and favorite time of the year over in my part of the world and nothing better to start of such a time than with a donation! This one is a pretty special one for me because it’s a group submitted by my mom for this project. Obviously when I started to construct this adventure I knew I would need at least one spot that was special to her and her interests. So when I asked her what charity she would like to see my donate to I wasn’t the least bit surprised when she offered up the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

My mom has always been a lover of the animals. She grew up on a farm and has been surrounded by various types of them all her life and they’ve always been a part of life that brought her happiness. She’s told me many stories about the horses and cows and chickens on the farm that she loved to take care of and spend time with. And she’s had a myriad of pets over her life, mostly cats, and she’s loved each of them almost as much as she loves me.

Growing up I started with fish like most kids do and I enjoyed them even though they were kinda boring and eventually flopped themselves out of their bowls. She got me a couple of little birds, parakeets if I am correct but I am not 100% on that one, and those were interesting too but they sadly died after a year or two of having them. But the pets I’ve most connected with having are cats, my first one mom brought home from work that had been running around, abandoned by its mother. He was an orange tabby and so naturally I named him Oliver and he was my buddy, I can’t remember the specific reason but we had to give him to a family friend who had a farm and he lived a nice long life out there. And now we currently have 3 idiot cats who I adore more than I probably care to admit.

I never really thought I’d be a pet person but mom has taught me how totally awesome it can be to have that love and affection around you. How easily they can make a day less crappy and bring a smile to your face. I know if she had it her way she would have handfuls of all sorts of animals and she’d love them all with the same amount. And while I can’t really give her that gift I figure this donation is a pretty good substitute. I owe an unfathomable amount to my mom and I could never properly describe what she has done for me and what she means to me and I am always looking for ways to pay tribute to the effort she has given into raising me. I’m not sure a lifetime properly employs me with enough time to actually do that proper justice but I will try my hardest and this donation to a charity she loves is just part of that.








Just one more left! The energy is starting to change as the dates approach for donations and today’s especially amps it all up a notch. Just more than a little bizarre to be here when it feels like just yesterday I was just at the initial stages of creating my overall project. Bah! Until next week! :)


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