Kismet & Familiar

It’s here! The day that felt really far off when I first launched and shared this project has arrived! I know, as do you all I am sure because I haven’t let you forget much in the last year, my birthday is tomorrow but the goal was to donate $25 to 25 different charities or organizations by the time I turned 25 so instead of doing my last donation on my birthday I am doing it the day before. Which works great because then I can make a reflection post maybe tomorrow or a couple of days from now and not make this one super long.

The last of my donations goes to a group that I picked as a sort of selfish choice, I mean the first 10 were all along lines of me picking them and groups I have ties or connections to but this one was like just for me because it relates to a favorite thing of mine. Most people in my life can tell you that I adore elephants; they’ve been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember and I collect anything sorta elephant related. I think it stems back to seeing them at a circus as a kid and just being amazed at the size of these animals. I am pretty sure they used to offer rides to kids but I can’t for the life of me remember if I ever did it, I remember being close to them and starting up at them but I can’t recall getting a turn. But it was a fascination that never really went away and I’ve learned to admire these animals.

It’s one of those kismet things too, where as you learn more about a topic it is pretty astounding how fitting it is towards you and your life. Elephants are a matriarchal, lead by females, and given I am raised by a single mother it’s always felt like an extra special connection, and they are a highly emotional species that display their emotions (grief, joy, anger, play) as openly as humans might. Descriptions of elephants remind me of descriptions I’ve come across when looking into my own astrological sign, Pisces, and it’s just that added bonus of cool when you learn your favorite animal feels familiar.

Plus they are adorable looking buggers to and that’s just hard to ignore.

And being the exotic animals they are, elephants are in need of help in certain areas and so I knew I’d have options of charities or organizations to donate to. Save the Elephants came up a few different times and after looking over their site I really felt it was a great choice. You do a lot of fantastic work in the efforts to protect elephants from things like poaching to saving their habitats to keeping their population healthy. Which made picking them for this donation easy and a really happy thing for me.








So that’s it! I am done with Project 25. It’s weird but really cool too. Like I said above I plan to reflect on this journey at a later date but I think it is important to say right now how thoroughly I enjoyed doing this. Getting to exercise a goal of making regular donations rather than when they are really needed or asked for is a fantastic feeling. I am also very appreciative of the support and kind words I got from a myriad of people in my life from the start of this until right now as I type and you read. I don’t know if this left any effect on other people but the idea of it makes me grin like a loon. I will talk to you all soon and I’ll work on posting blogs more often and with actual topics or ideas. Have a lovely day or evening, depending on where you are or when you read this.


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