We’ll See You Tomorrow

You’ll see me tomorrow because if I could get up at 7:00 a.m. this morning than I can get up for any reason tomorrow.

Because I’ve made promises that I intend to keep. Not just to ones I love but to myself. I’ve promised to stand up beside friends and to stand up for myself even when others won’t, but especially when they will because their support reminds me I have strength and purpose beyond the darkness of bad days. I’ve promised future me I’ll be around to look back and know I make the best choices, not always the right ones but the ones that brought me to all the tomorrow’s I’ve greeted.

Because Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and ice-cold water on a hot day. Because flying in planes and getting to co-exist with the clouds rather than marveling at them from below. Because I’ve watched many of my friends fall in love and if I can be so happy for them I can’t begin to imagine what will happen to me once I find it for myself.

Because though I miss Steven frequently and know the hurt that comes from losing someone to the pain and darkness I’ve also witnessed the joy of someone giving the black  clouds and bad thoughts the middle finger. Watching them fight and win round after round so they can see so many tomorrows.

Because the Huskers and there is no place like Nebraska. Because I’ve only seen a handful of the 10,000 lakes my home state Minnesota has to offer. Because Europe and all the other places I’ve never seen. Because TV shows and the fact I need to know how so many end.

Because if I’ve seen so many things, both excellent and not so much, in just 25 and a half years I don’t want to miss anything that could be coming my way.

Mostly because my story is important for a few reasons I already understand and for oh so many I’ve yet to discover.



September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day and To Write Love On Her Arms has been campaigning and asking people why they will see us tomorrow. These are some of my reasons. I hope you share your own in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable. And I hope you remember you are not alone and your story matters to so many people. We will see you tomorrow.


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