Prompt-tober 2015: Day One

And so it begins! Reminder that any and all prompts are welcomed, send those my way through the ‘Contact Me’ up above or any other way we are connected. Today’s prompt comes from Kristi who left me;

You walk into a coffee shop and see Batman sitting in the corner booth.


The bell above the door is obnoxious, but it cuts the noise going on behind you in the street and welcomes the quiet before you. Tables of all sizes litter the brown hardwood and a handful are occupied by people in search of their late afternoon caffeine pick-me-up.

But it’s the two dark points levitating above the back corner booth that catch your eye most of all. Looking down towards the opening of the booth you can see a matching set of black boots and the draping of an also black cape. Laughing to yourself, you move out of the way as you hear the bell signal another customer has come in.

They know you well enough here that a nod to Harley behind the counter and you know your usual order coffee order will find its way to you in a matter of minutes. Sliding into the booth, you try to school your grin but it becomes impossible when you are face to face with Batman. Not even your best efforts could have kept the small laugh from escaping you, “Evening Bruce.”

“That joke loses its power when you use it so frequently.” The voice is not Christian Bale deep but it has its own timber that just happens to suit the character so well.

Harley sets down a steaming green mug before you and you thank her before turning back. “Yeah well you’re the guy who chose to be Batman instead of literally any other superhero when visiting the kids.”

Bruce huffs, “Superman was already taken, you know this.” He stirs around his drink and mumbles more to himself before speaking again, “Plus the kids love Batman the most.”

You’ve only gone with Bruce to the hospital once but you will always remember the way the eyes of those kids just sparkled when he came around the corner in his costume. Not to mention the way he interacted with them, it was the day you knew you loved him with a unique piece of your heart and soul.

“As do I.” You take a long sip from your mug before reaching to the large bag hanging at your side and setting it between you on the table. “I love it even more when Batman forgets to pack civilian pants and I have to save him.”

It’s not easy with the mask, but he manages to roll his eyes and grabs the bag as he slides out of the booth. “Yeah yeah, ” he leans down and places a soft kiss on the side of your head and whispers, “thank you.” before he heads off to the bathroom to change. You continue to grin to yourself as you return to your coffee and wait for your Bruce to return.


2 thoughts on “Prompt-tober 2015: Day One

  1. It’s so cute, I love it! Is it weird that I didn’t even register the fact that the whole thing was in 2nd person until near the end?

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