Prompt-tober 2015: Day Two

Today’s writing comes from a random phrase that just popped in my head last night and I jotted it down to play with it today. Hope your having a lovely Friday!


I can’t believe in the phrase “things happen for a reason”. Because when your young and your parents die in a car accident and people who don’t know you pat you on the back while saying, “You know these things happen for a reason, you’ll understand it someday.” it is ruined forever. I do, however, believe that certain people and certain things are placed in our lives at the times we really need them. So as I stand at the edge of the end of the world with Shay at my side, hand in hand, I can feel in my bones that it is exactly where I am supposed to be.


I know it’s short and sort of vague but that’s exactly what I like about it too. Even though it wasn’t necessarily filling a prompt it was a nice exercise in testing out my own brain and ability to tell a story in what feels like an effective way. Anyways I am still looking for more prompts so feel free to send those my way.


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