Prompt-tober 2015: Day Three

I haven’t gotten any new prompts sent to me but life and little things keep kinda giving me some so so far it’s okay. I can’t explain but last night just sitting in the car listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ put a couple images in my head and I worked from there.


The car is still vibrating from the force he used to slam it before walking away. It’s not your first fight, but this definitely feels a little different than anything else. Not necessarily one to end it all, but a game changer possibly. Looking up in the rear view mirror you can see his body shrinking as he goes back up the trail you both just came down. His shoulders are tensed and hunch forward in the blue plaid shirt.

Your own tight posture brings you back inside the car and you find the hands clutching the steering wheel are almost all white and pulled taught. But they must the most angry part of you because the rest just feels upset, nervous, and exhausted. It had been such a good day and then an excellent night, so when the fight burst out the whiplash took a lot out of you.

It takes a few deep breaths but finally your hands slide from their spot and into your lap. The radio is playing softly and while you can’t hear the words, it is slow and melodic and somehow just what you need right now. It allows you to shut your eyes and think about anything but the heated exchange that just happened. You know that you both make good points and you’re both stubborn enough that admitting defeat is far off in the future. But despite that you know neither of you disagree enough to stop loving each other. You already miss him beside you, filling the car with the effortless charm that he carries everywhere.

Opening your eyes again you’re surprised to see how much the sun has sunk into the earth. Finding him again in the mirror you see he stopped just up the hill and stares down at the city below, he seems to have dropped some of the weighted frustration along the trail. As if he can sense your eyes on him he turns his head over his shoulder to look down at the car, at you. And even though you know it’s impossible to lock eyes and be sure of it at this distance, you would willingly put money on it.

A sense of courage and determination surges through you and instead of questioning it you push the door open and step out with the intent of going up to him. However by the time you look up again he is making his way down and as you two always find yourselves doing, you meet in the middle.


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