Prompt-tober 2015: Day Five

Not that I am complaining but my brain just keeps creating it’s own little prompts for me to fill when I think I am going to have an empty day or no new suggestions. And I can’t explain it but a lot of my thoughts and ideas go back to cute little loves stories, or pieces of a love story. Something about the topic just fascinates me. Anyways, here is today’s writing.


“Why is it that people under the age of 30 believe that everybody falls in love in a coffee shop?” Stephen lands with a forceful thud into the stool across the counter from David. His tone is baffled but his face reads slightly annoyed, and it is the absolute cutest thing David has seen all day.

Dragging his towel over the counter, David shrugs his shoulders up. “Probably because not too long ago people did fall in love in coffee shops.” Narrowed eyes focus on him when he looks up and challenges his statement. “My parents met and later fell in love here in this shop when my dad worked here during college and my mom made it her studying spot.”

Stephen bats his hand in the air and scoffs, “Ugh. But you’re family is sickeningly adorable and prone to perfect meet-cutes and cute stories like falling in love in a coffee shop.”

Feeling his challenge, David raises his own eyebrows and leans forward so he is just barely invading the other man’s space. “We fell in love in a coffee shop.”

“Nope.” Stephen blurts out without breaking eye contact or backing away even the smallest amount. “We fell in love in AP Lit senior year of high school. Or at least that’s when I fell in love with your mushy ass.” The edges of his face have gone soft and if David was looking to embarrass Stephen he’d out the slight blush in his cheeks.

They sit in silence for a quick moment, eyes batting back and forth over each other’s faces, and when David can tell Stephen about to pull back he jolts forward and leaves a light kiss at the corner of the mans mouth. “Fair, but I’d say our very frequent study and hang out sessions here over the years added to that love so it counts too.”

“Yeah okay, whatever.” Stephen mumbles into the space between them while doing his best to fight off a wide grin. David steps away to go make a cup of Stephen’s favorite coffee when he hears an even quieter, “Big sap” and chuckles to himself.


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