Prompt-tober 2015: Day Seven

Today has been long and for a bit there I wasn’t sure I was going to get to writing, or if an idea was going to come to me. But I should know better than think so little of the Universe. Again this is pretty random but I was inspired by a task I myself had to complete tonight at work. :)


A literal tower of envelopes stood before Tokyo. Well envelopes inside boxes that were stacked almost seven feet high, but still…a tower of envelopes. “And my job is to stuff, address, and seal all of these?”

“Yep.” The evil pleasure was thick in Garrett’s voice as he nodded along, “Think of it as an internship right of passage. We all have worked in the mail room and we have all hated it.”

Which now explained the giddiness in Garrett to show Tokyo around and give him his first task, this type of work had to get really boring, really fast. Setting down his bag he pulled out the chair and listened as Garrett ran him through the instructions; in each box is enough mailers and address labels to match the amount of envelopes, stuff, address, seal. It seemed pretty easy actually.

 Once Garrett had finished explaining and gloating about how he wasn’t the one to do this job he made an exit with a promise to come back and grab Tokyo for lunch. When the silence fell over the room he just took another look at the pile and let it seem daunting for a few seconds. Then Tokyo ran a hand through his hair and let out a heavy sigh, he fought tooth and nail for this internship and he wasn’t going to let something like a monotonous task ruin the pride and joy he had been relishing in since the day he got the call. It was a stepping stone and he was earning his keep, if he did well it could lead to more and that’s what he was after.

So Tokyo shook off the negative thoughts and reached for his phone to plug it into the small port on the wall behind him. Turning on a playlist he created to put him at ease, he let the first few notes wash over the room and then tugged the closest box to him. This is just day one.


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