Prompt-tober 2015: Day Nine

Happy Friday! I was given a prompt today,from Kristi once more, and I am just gonna jump right into that rather than ramble on as I tend to do sometimes. :)


PromptThe longer the silence persisted, the more it distracted him/her.

Quinn had thought these moments only happened in soap operas. These cheesy, over the top, moments where someone drops a bomb of information in a crowded room and everything just…stops.When does stuff like that actually occur in the real world? Quinn definitely knows enough dramatic people, himself included, that he should have not doubted it was a possibility, but still.

The longer the silence persisted, the more it distracted him. Nobody was talking, or even moving and it was too much stillness for Quinn. The quiet made something under Quinn’s skin itch and then rendered him completely incapable of focusing. Which meant that by the time everyone had broken out of their spell and started to cheer and clap and swarm the freshly engaged and happy couple, Quinn still hung out in the corner thinking about soap operas and who in his life was most likely to slap him in the heat of a dramatic moment.

“That surprised you can’t say congrats?” Ellen, his sister…his now engaged sister, punched him in the arm and shimmied up to Quinn’s side.

Blushing, he shook his head and took in the megawatt smile on her face. Ellen had almost always been happy, and when she wasn’t she was either on the defensive, for other people. Quinn had lost count of all the times his big sister had stepped up for him. “Congratulations Ellen.”

She finally laughed into her own hand and jumped into his arms to accept the hug he was offering. They squeezed each other and swayed before pulling back and watching their family surround the soon-to-be newest member.

Quinn nudged his elbow into Ellen’s arm and stated, “If you love me you won’t make me wear a suit for this shindig.”

Ellen laughed so loud a few people turned to look at the two of them. They both awkwardly wave and sip their drinks. “If you love yourself you will wear the nicest, fanciest suit you can afford.” her tone was the mock serious she always used when she thought she was being rather smart and or funny. “You see how foxy my fiancee is?”

It happens at that exact moment that Zoe looks over at them and smiles. It’s slightly terrified at the attention from their family, but it’s also soft and filled with blissful joy. Quinn sees what Ellen is saying. Zoe has intense green eyes, long flowing red hair, and a seductive smile. Ellen snickers when she catches Quinn taking it all in, then leans in and whispers, “She is one of five, three girls, two boys, and all her friends are disgustingly attractive too.”

“You already have a plan to find me a spouse at your wedding?” Quinn is not shocked at all.

Another punch lands on his bicep and Ellen pushes herself away to go talk to a cousin that is calling her over. “Quinn my brother, I have been making plans to find you a spouse since you were born.” she gives him and evil glare and points at him, “This just seems like the best opportunity to dress you up properly for it.”

She dashes away so he can’t make a retort, but he knows she sees him roll his eyes. The room is now the direct opposite of that pin-drop silence and looking around to see his family, his sister especially, so happy makes Quinn focus better. Following in Ellen’s footsteps, he pushes away from the wall he was leaning against and goes to talk with Zoe and off her his welcome to the family.


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