Prompt-tober 2015: Day Fifteen

If I am being 100% I am tired and for the first time really not in to trying to accomplish a piece for the day. But I know I would be really mad at myself tomorrow if I didn’t at least do something so I am going to imitate what I did yesterday and introduce another character for my NaNoWriMo novel next month. I promise tomorrow I will make a more legit effort for this.


Male Lead: Jameson Howard Ravel

  • 25 years old
  • works as ER Nurse
  • Tall-ish, around 6’1”
  • Deep chestnut colored hair, cropped pretty close (maybe an inch long)
  • Light brown eyes, with hints of honey/whiskey yellow
  • “Conventionally hunky”– a typical good looking guy you’d see represented everywhere but not the stunningly hot, unattainable attractive.
  • He is athletic but not obsessed with sports or being tough and loud. Has an artsy side, likes to draw and sketch.
  • Close friends = Liam, Peter, Harper, & Will (Will is a co-worker)
  • Went to high school (and later college) with Lovella and they were “friendly” in a way, their close friends circles overlap and they got along but never were super close, until college.

Somehow I feel like this character is both more and less developed than Lovella. There are bits I know better and more in depth about him than I do about Lovella and it makes me feel a little awkward. I know I have time to work on them both and this has helped me kinda see where I need to go and work on each of these characters.


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