Prompt-tober 2015: Day Seventeen

Happy Saturday to you all! I was given a really awesome group of photo prompts/inspirations from Kristi and I was starting to form something for one of them when another idea just came to me. So I am going to hang on to those pictures and spend some more time thinking up a story for each one.


You did not expect to be here. You did not expect to care. When you came to this place you watched on in amazement and a little mockery. But it’s hard to ignore it, the pride and support is almost always overflowing. It’s not stiffing or too much, but it is very much welcoming. So when you find yourself standing with everyone else as the red balloons fill the sky and shouting loudly you’re a little baffled.

However…you get it now.

This was never about football..well it’s obviously a little about football, but it’s not just football. It’s about pride and support and community. Saturdays in the fall feel abnormal without red and the idea of 90, 000 people in one place feels like nothing other than home. You’re not just a fan here, you’re family and together we support not just our team but all the guys giving it their all out on the field.

So even though you never imagined it, and it took some while for you to get here, you know that it’s something that will stick with you for life.

**If you missed it this is about the Nebraska Huskers. I went to UNL for college & when I started I never thought I’d become apart of the ~dedicated fan base but it’s hard to spend four years there and not walk out without it a little ingrained in you. It’s game day today and I am stuck at work having to listen but it still always brings back big feels.


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