Prompt-tober 2015: Day Eighteen

Lazy Sunday indeed. I’ve not done a whole lot today so I nearly forgot to write too! Going to use one of the photo prompts sent by the lovely Kristi for today’s piece and I’ll post it below the text.


It’s well passed any number of hours I can recall since we packed the car full and drove off in the middle of the night. Mack slept all through the night and only woke up a few hours ago when we stopped for gas, she insisted that she drive for the next stretch. I luckily got a about half the amount of sleep she did so Kennedy and I split that time, but Kennedy was ready to go down for a while. She tucked herself into a make shift bed with a back pack as her pillow and hoodie sweatshirts as her blankets. I give her one look with a soft smile before looking forward out the car at the open road.

“This place looks like it has a constant Instagram filter on it.” I mutter and I can hear Mack snort beside me, “It’s like Valencia or Sierra or something.”

“I would say a little more Slumber.” Mack said not taking her eyes off the road and shifting to prop her left elbow on the car door. “Is it normal that we can recall all that so easily?

Her voice is a little dry and sarcastic like her usual humor but there is an underlying hint of actual concern. When she looks over I shrug my shoulders, “Sure, it just says that we are observant people.”

Mack gives a reluctant nod, she is still a little scared that Tad will find us before we get to California or that he’ll figure out our destination before we get there and be there waiting. He’s done that to her before, been waiting to where she has tried to run away. She thought for so long she’d never be able to get away, this plan of ours took months of planning. I reach over and squeeze at her elbow, “Hey, we’re okay. We will be okay.”

Vigorous nodding comes from her and she chances a quick look at me, her eyes are a wet but she isn’t crying just yet. “I know. I trust you guys, I trust the people we told back home. It will just take a while to stop being scared or thinking he is right on my tail.”

Tad and Mack had been together for three years and he didn’t even start being aggressive until well into the first year and he first hit her just after their two year anniversary. She didn’t tell any one at first but when Kennedy had stopped by their apartment by surprise to ask if Mack wanted to go out for ice cream she saw a fresh bruise on Mack’s arm before she had gotten a chance to cover it up.

Immediately Kennedy took her out of there and brought her to my place. Mack tried to deny it for a while but we can be insistent when we want to be, and when she broke down crying in my arms on the couch Kennedy and I knew we had to get her out of there. So we started devising a plan to get her out and far away, Mack refused to press charges and while we wanted to fight her, we wanted to respect her more.

Kennedy was already moving out to California at the end of the year and being a freelance photographer I had the time to help and relocate at my leisure. Mack took a little bit of convincing but the fighting had gotten much worse and Tad’s temper grew shorter and shorter so she knew she couldn’t stay.

We only told the important people and they all understood, easily agreeing to keep our secret when we were sure Tad would come looking Mack. He had to know by now but Kennedy and I only had our phones on when we stopped for brakes to check in with friends and family, Mack threw hers out the window before falling asleep and had plans to get a new one when we got settled in.

Beyond that we were all a little unfocused. Kennedy had a job lined up so she was good, and the apartment for the three of us was easy enough to find, but Mack needed a job. She had looked into local airports that had flights with Delta so she could get a flight attendant job as soon as possible. Her manager had agreed to give her a recommendation whenever she found a place to try to apply to, which was a major load of her shoulders.

The rest we would have to figure out on day-by-day terms. It was a little scary but much less scary than worrying about your friend being hurt by someone she thought she loved. California was still half a days drive away and while this scenery was a little dull and dry, it was a reminder of the space now between Mack and Tad and all that hurt. Looking over again I can see her smiling a little and starting to bop her head with whatever tune the radio is playing. Reaching out I turn it up a bit more, but not too loud so Kennedy can still sleep, she catches my eye and a real smile breaks out on her face. The first of many for the foreseeable future.



2 thoughts on “Prompt-tober 2015: Day Eighteen

  1. Are these characters you’d created in the past, or ones you made up for this writing? The little details about their past are a nice touch!

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