Prompt-tober 2015: Day Nineteen

Monday brought out the grouch in me and for a brief moment I considered skipping today, but then I took a deep breath and realized that is not excuse enough. And when I opened up the photos again to pick a picture as a prompt I was revived a little and an idea popped in my head.


“Okay now I believe you.” Fox muttered in awe.

Ellie laughed but took in the awe in his eyes and remembered the first time she saw this too. “A view is what does it huh?”

He looks over at her with his mouth still hanging open, when he sees her smirk he messes up his face into a hint of irritation. “A view like this can’t be possible without Magic.” his arms spread out as far as they can to showcase the vast expanse of land littered with trees and mountains in the far distance. A small town takes up a corner with it’s homes and other buildings but otherwise it’s like being completely isolated from the rest of the world.

Turning her own head back towards the landscape she tucked her hands under her thighs and nodded along. “I suppose your right. It’s just weird to think about how you watched Reina turn a stuffed cat into a real one, drop a plate of steaming hot food in front of you, and a pet unicorn and it was all new to you.” Ellie sighs and looks back over to Fox, who is watching her between the shaggy strands of his strawberry blond curls. “I almost envy you actually.”

A loud snort leaves Fox before he can control it and immoderately he covers his mouth before speaking, “How exactly is that possible?”

Eyes so green they match the grass below dart back and forth over the land, not focusing on anything in particular. After a moment or so of quiet she speaks up, “I don’t know, I guess when you grow up with a Magical family none of this seems unique or crazy or unbelievable. It’s…normal. I never really got the experience your getting, to see this all for the very first time, as a true novice.”

Fox thinks about that. Thinks about the home he grew up in with just him and his mom, who had had no idea a secret Magical population existed, let alone the man she briefly dated before he disappeared was a wizard. They had struggled for some years, scrapped by, but they were as normal as anyone else. But then a man named Harrison had shown up at Fox’s middle school graduation to give him the gift of admission to a Magical high school and his world went right into bizarre territory.

His mom and he didn’t believe it until Harrison did some minor spell work on the quantity of the food laid out on tables. Then they had to scramble to come up with a cover story, that Liza, Fox’s mother, had come into some money from relative that passed and was sending Fox to a nice boarding school. They spent as much time as they could in the months between then and when he had to leave, this being the first time they would ever be separated. But none of that had happened for Ellie, she was the third of five children in a family that was heavily rooted in the Magical world and from the minute she arrived on this earth Magic surrounded her and was part of her daily life.

Leaning into her with his shoulder he gave a small laugh, “If ever you want to vacation in the mundane world (Reina’s words not his) let me know, I am sure my mother would love to have a guest to entertain. She’s an excellent cook so she could teach you how to make food from scratch.”

There is a sparkle in Ellie’s eye that tugs at Fox’s gut and he thinks that maybe that’s a feeling he should take note of. “I’d like that.” she says through a wide smile before clearing her throat and kicking herself up into a standing position. Holding out her hand to Fox she says, “Well you think you’ll like it here?” she nods her head over her shoulder signaling to the seriously ornate castle they had wandered through and climbed staircase upon staircase to reach the top of the tower and the view.

Giving one last look to his new surroundings Fox remembered that he had in fact been given the choice of embracing his Magical side and his mother had encouraged him. She wanted him to have the best and if acknowledging this could do that she wanted him to understand it the best he could. Slipping his hand into hers he heaved himself up and gave a tight nod, “I think I’ll love it.”



2 thoughts on “Prompt-tober 2015: Day Nineteen

    • It is just so gorgeous. I just sat and looked at it for probably five minutes before I remembered to write. The pictures are great, helping me come at writing from a new approach.

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