Prompt-tober 2015: Day Twenty

How has it already been twenty days already? It’s definitely flown by and I am realizing how much work I need to do on my actual NaNoWriMo plot and characters! Thank goodness I’ve been bouncing them around for a few months so I got a base started for everything. For now though I’ll continue making my way through the photos Kristi left me.

Confession: what’s below is actually fanfic. Which I realize is still writing but I wanted to warn anyone in case that happens to not be their thing. It’s using the characters (and my OTP) Hook and Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Hook) from ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’. I just saw this picture and it made me think of a few ideas I’ve had for them but never got around to writing them. I am basing it in that anything after season 3 is rubbish for now; Aurora, Mulan, and Phillp all made it back to Storybrooke somehow and are living with the others in the town.


If Aurora closes her eyes all she can hear is the soft rushing of the waves and the birds squawking as they fly in low to catch their morning food, it’s like being removed from everything and existing with the air. It was the most peaceful moment she has had since Philip and Mulan had woke her in the Enchanted Forest and she realized her world was nothing but vacant buildings filled with just as much dust as there were sands in the land. But even that seemed like ages ago. So much had happened that it was often hard to remember that the calmness, well mostly calmness, of Storybrooke could be potentially a forever thing.

The smell  interrupted her thoughts first and it was quickly followed by the thud of boots on the deck as the approached her. She turned just has he settled in beside her and leaned his hip against the bow, “Coffee Princess?”

Rolling her eyes she took the still steaming up cup from his hand and held it between her two, she’d lost count of the amount of times she’d told him to call her by her name. He thought he was cheeky and cute by continuing it, and at some point Aurora found herself liking it just as much, so while she’d pretends to still be annoyed she hopes he never stops.

Taking a sip she is reminded of Killian’s exceptional coffee making skills and she hums into the rim of the cup.  Before she looks up she knows there is going to be a smug smile on his face and she is not disappointed, even and arched eyebrow is there. “You almost ruin how good this is with your arrogance.” she mutters before taking another sip, “Almost.”

His mouth opens wide and a loud bellow of a laugh comes out. “You’re welcome Princess.” Of course he winks, he knows it drives her mad, then moves to face the vast ocean and drink from his own cup that he let dangle from his hook. She watches his face as he takes in the rising sun, the birds still circling, and the small sailboat way out in the distance. His face relaxes in a way she rarely sees and he seems, almost as peace. Aurora knows that he hasn’t had that for centuries, she’d be surprised if he even knew what a semblance of it felt like at this point. There is a side of her, the princess side that was raised to be proper and good, that believes he doesn’t deserve to know peace. Pirates are dirty scoundrels who should be damned, at least that’s what her aunts had told raised her to believe.

But anything she had learned, anything she thought she knew, had been turned upside down months ago. Princess could kill, Evil Queens could have empathy, and true love in one realm does not mean the same in another. So while Killian had lied to her and stolen her heart for leverage, he was also the one to save it from being lost forever. Forgiveness was much easier in this realm, she’d seen a side of him that was much like herself and whatever initially drew her to believe in him when the others refused back in the Enchanted Forest had stuck with her.

Taking a step forward she left little room between them and then she reached out a hand and place it upon his forearm, giving a squeeze. “Thank you Killian. For everything.”



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