Prompt-tober 2015: Day Twenty-two

I wanted to play with the ‘100 words or under’ challenge I’ve seen a few people do before. It’s mostly with fanfic, trying to do little fic-lets, but I’ve always liked the idea of that challenge to tell a story while limiting yourself with the word count. I again used one of the pictures Kristi sent me. It’s scary how fast 100 words can just fly by though I’ll admit that.


Of course it would drop a thick blanket of snow the week you have chosen to come home and visit. It’s the Midwest so you knew better than to get your hopes to high that there would be none at all, but you’d been keeping an eye on the weather out here on the days before you left. Each day kept passing without adding to the light dusting that had happened a couple of weeks before you were to arrive, and then, the day after you flew out it just let a full seven inches fall from the sky.




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