Prompt-tober 2015: Dy Twenty-three

I don’t know what it’s like where you guys are but here it is rainy and grey and normally on a Friday that might bum me out but I am really feeling it today. Today is the last of the fantatsic photo prompts that Kristi has sent me. I’ve really enjoyed these, it’s a new approach to writing and forces me to be a little more creative, which is always a mug appreciated thing.


All the members of the band are up there, bending at the waist as they take another bow. Cheers and screams and clapping is going on all around us and it is almost more defining than any of the music they just played. I look over to my left and Nate is throwing his hands together above his head and crying a little. This is his favorite band and it’s not their last performance or tour, but it is likely the last time Nate will ever get to see them live.

His cancer is getting more and more aggressive and all the doctors have told him they aren’t sure his body can keep fighting any more than two years. Nate isn’t  mad, never was somehow, but he is determined. He has a list of things he wants to do before he gets to weak to do most anything and even if he has seen these guys multiple times before he wanted to do it one last time.

The closest and earliest show available was still a sev hour drive but that was nothing when I knew how happy it would make him. We bought the tickets and hotel no questions asked and hit the road three days before the show. It was a jaunt and so we turned it into a toad trip with stops for silly landmarks and great good stops. I haven’t seen Nate be all to negative during his battle but seeing him this relaxed and happy in the face of everything makes it feel like he is giving us a gift instead of us trying to spoil him while we can.

He catches me staring and only nods before turning back to the stage and whistles as loud as he can. I laugh and turn my head back as well, losing him at some point is going to sting unlike anything else but my collection of memories like this will ease it just enough.



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