Le Freak Out

So real talk…

I heavily considered backing out of NaNoWriMo today. It’s a mixture of things; feeling a bit unprepared (like every person participating I am sure), feeling stressed about my upcoming trip this weekend and how that will affect my writing, the feeling of failure that still clings on from last year, and just laziness.

Writing daily in October really helped me get used to the act of sitting down and getting some words out day-to-day, but I am sure some of you noticed how I burned out at the end there. Doing lots off haiku stuff and 100 words or less memes, they qualified as something but it was me avoiding being more aggressive and productive towards my own NaNoWriMo novel.

I am still in the process of covering part of a co-worker’s shifts while she is out for maternity leave so I am working more and that cuts into time I could be writing so I just feel like with knowing all this information maybe I should just tuck tail now and avoid feeling let down at the end of the month.

But luckily I know myself a little better than this mopey attitude would let me believe. I’ll be more upset I quit and that I didn’t see it through than I will if I don’t get to that 50,000 word mark.I have a pretty solid idea, and a sort of outline, and an idea who these characters are and what their journey is going to be be so it’s not like I am walking in totally blind. I just finished putting in some of my handwritten notes into a Drive file so I can access them at any point when writing, from wherever I am, and it made me realize I can do this.

So after I hit publish here I am going to try and crank out a good amount of words to set me ahead of schedule so I worry less while on vacation this weekend. I’ll probably be much less in contact during NaNoWriMo but I shall try to pop in and discuss the ups and downs.

Best of luck to all of you participating!


One thought on “Le Freak Out

  1. Burning out sucks! And the worst part is that even if you try to be all smart and determined and work through it, you only risk making it worse. You’ve got a good attitude about it though, and a plan to move forward, so that’s good! Maybe you need to find a way to renew your passion for your story. If it’s really just laziness and/or concerns about other parts of life, then setting a lower goal for yourself this month might help.

    Good luck moving forward!

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