Making Some Mental Space

Today is probably not the day.

It’s not the day that you experience a revelation or epiphany or something earth shattering. However, it totally could be, and that’s where the beauty of it all is.


Okay so in total confession I have been trying to build a post around the above for about a week now. That first line just came to me one day, I liked it, and even better was that it never went away and it kept bugging me. Almost as if it was pleading me to write more, but then I went dry. I kept trying to articulate this idea that at the very core every day is essentially the same. Ripe for really high highs or super low lows, or to just be completely mundane.

And also how this idea is as true for each and every person, the saying ‘You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncè’ comes to mind because it is meant to remind us that even though we don’t think of it this way, it is completely true. We are on par with Beyoncè in terms of the amount of time we are given to make something of a day/week/month/year/life.

That even though I as a “normal” person may not live at the same speed as her, I have just as much at stake as she does if I don’t learn to properly appreciate my time or make the most of it.

My brain has been all over the place lately; trying to write this post, exploring ideas and options for little things, devouring every song and lyric and the history behind ‘Hamilton’ the musical (seriously I am obsessed guys). It’s like a million little things have come to my mind that I want to write about, but as per usual I am horrible at writing them down or putting them in my phone and so I forget the essence of them.

But that little bit up there hung on and I am sick of clinging to it and trying to dance words around it to make sense. So instead I am letting it go, putting it out into the Universe to see what can be made of it by others. Hopefully if I do that I can leave room in my head for those other little bits and they can come back to me, allow me to make something of them other than random thoughts. I haven’t written much lately and I hate that so I’d like to believe that if make space I can get back to it sooner rather than later. I’ll probably do something for the end of the year, revisit the resolutions I made for the year, but that might be all I got for 2015. The goal is to start 2016 in a freer and lighter head space, one that allows for better writing thoughts and flow.



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