2016: The Selfish Year

Only three days into the new year and I am already feeling like it is slipping past in short bursts. It could also be the fact I’ve felt just endlessly tired and a little sickly lately so my energy wears out super fast when I actually manage to find some. That being said I am still very happy about 2016 and positive it will be a good experience.

Normally, at least in the last few years, I’ve done big posts on looking back over the previous year and the resolutions I made for it. But I am just in general really over 2015 and don’t feel much like analyzing it too much. It was another average year with ups and downs and I have few complaints and many complements. Specifically it feels like a good growth year for me, that I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I see and feel about the world as well as my personal journey.

So I am going to skip the resolution catch up because it just feels like caring too much about the past. I did okay and I am not disappointed in myself in any area so why go back and belabor any of it?

I will of course share my 2016 resolutions and talk a smidgen about them because I am excited about them. I’ve learned a good deal about myself and resolution making in the last few years that I’ve been a bit more serious with making them and I do think that this list might be my best one yet.

Resolutions for 2016

“2016 will be a selfish year. My time will be invested on me. On improving myself. I want to become a better person physically and mentally.”

  1. Travel more & to new places.
  2. Better manage my time.
  3. Take more  photographs.
  4. Work on relationships and connections with people.
  5. Journal more often and better for personal reasons.


The quote is something I saw on Tumblr and just really liked it, like I was clicking on the heart before I really even was finished reading it or taking it in. I’m a typical Pisces and so sometimes I don’t get around to thinking about myself or worrying about taking true care of myself until very last and while I don’t regret that it could serve me better to be a bit selfish. And I really feel like the personal stuff I discovered this last year is stuff that can be expanded upon and that would require a more focused mind on those things and that’s a journey I definitely want to take.

My resolutions themselves are pretty simplistic but can spread out to touch so many areas of my life.

  • Travel is just something that I’ve come to really love. I mean it can be stressful as hell sometimes but the exploring of this world and logging new locations into your own personal GPS is invigorating and a huge inspiration for me. So I’d ideally like to get to two or possibly three brand new places in the next twelve months.
  • Managing time is more about me learning to sleep less and take advantage of the time I am given. I like sleep, a bit too much some would say, and I am starting to realize that I’m letting things escape me because I’d rather be in bed or in a dream land. Getting up a couple hours earlier than I normally do could drastically improve and invite some pretty cool things into my life and I desire that.
  • I’ve become so completely engrossed in Instagram specifically over the last year and it’s taught me how much I just enjoy the art of photography. Capturing moments that will live on is just so fascinating, and I love that the moment can range from super important to a stupid sign you see. I just want to document life more and in new ways outside of my precious words so I want to push myself to take more photographs of life.
  • A few years ago a resolution was to be more open and share more with people, and this working on relationships is an extension of that.  I am comfortable in saying I am a loyal, a ride-or-die, friend but I am also more than willing to admit I can suck at communication. I don’t mean to, but I sometimes get this fear that I am intruding in the lives of my friends when I do as much as send a random text their way and it just irks me to think I could be a burden or a bother. Now I know that’s a part of my brain being a pain and that my friends are way more impressive than ever to think that , but you can’t always rationalize that so the end product is sometimes a knot in the lines of communication with the people you love. This goal also extends to the actual relationship variety, like love and stuff. I’d definitely be into the thing where you find another human you enjoy spending one-on-one time with. But I need to work on my approach and self-confidence and idea of what I’d really want; hence the resolution.
  • Lastly is something relating to writing! I’ve fully embraced the concept of blogging and sharing my thoughts and events in my life with people. However, I think that in doing that I’ve slacked on the front of documenting things for just myself. Losing that connection to words almost discredits them and their value for me and I need to learn to tune back into keeping a journal that is truly private. I think it could help me with writing in other areas as well as be a chance to expand on the inner and personal growth I started experiencing in the last year. There is just something cathartic about writing for nobody but me.

Well this is already insanely long and that was not anticipated when I sat down to finally get it all out. I hope that you guys had an excellent dance with 2015, and if you didn’t you’re new partner is here and I hear they are pretty good about not stepping on toes. :) I’ll do better to keep in touch here more this year, but until then be kind to yourselves and stay hopeful.


As always a signed copy of my resolutions. ;)



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