Quickfire to Courage

At 10:30 a.m. on a Wednesday on a treadmill.

That’s the moment when I got a glimpse at the pulsing strength at my core. It’s not something I call upon frequently, a sort of reserve I pull from in the moments that specifically require it. Today it was a moment of standing up for myself, taking care of me when I can’t trust anyone else to do it, and saying enough is enough.

I am not a person that is any good at confrontation or rocking the boat, but one word, a negative descriptive word, let me know that I can be pushed too far. And when pushed too far I quickly realized I am unafraid to let someone know that they done messed up.

Someone messed up today. But I stood up today.

This maybe doesn’t seem like a great way to start 2016, but I am making it a positive.


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