Damn, We Only Jokin’, Stay Broke Then


Everyone is talking about it. Almost everyone has bought a ticket for it. Which means tonight’s Powerball might be the thing that brings a record number of people together while politics and opinions are constantly pulling us a part. Not that I’d ever call having differing thoughts and feelings on major issues a bad thing, it’s just nice to see something can still manage to cut out all the bullshit and bring people together for the sake of dreaming  about what they would do with a crap ton of cash.

Particularly when it is such an outrageous sum of money that it is practically impossible for most people buying tickets for a chance to win to visualize what it looks like. We hear numbers like million and billion all the time, but it is generally so far removed from what we actually deal in that how do you start to understand that level of money being yours.

Of course that doesn’t mean I can’t come up with a list of things I’d want to tackle if the Universe decided to be on my side come 10:00 this evening. We’ve all pondered it, I mean who hasn’t been asked “what would you do if you won the lotto?” before? But I am just really enjoying the enhanced connection the fervor of this Powerball is creating among us, we feel like comrades on an adventure together.

We are bonding over the likelihood we all lose. It’s great.

Tonight when the numbers are read someone’s life might change, multiple someones lives might change. But for the majority of us we are out the money we decided to spend on testing our luck and we go back to the lives we’ve been living. Losing ultimately doesn’t change anything. But the fun we have for that brief period of time where we stick our heads in the clouds and just daydream about what we could accomplish with the winnings makes the blow sting less because we did it together.

I’ve bought my ticket, I’m taking my chances and if nothing else I had an excellent time being a part of this with everyone who did the same.


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