Dusting Off My Soapbox

Let’s throw caution to the wind and talk politics.

I know, I know it’s taboo and that topic you’re not supposed to discuss if you desire to keep the ship away from rocky waters. However, it’s an election year and not only is it damn near impossible to avoid the topic, we are also Americans and we can’t not speak our thoughts on things. Especially politics. I know you’re Facebook and Twitter feed are chalk full of your friends and family’s opinions. (Isn’t it beautiful?)

Now the actual Presidential election is months away in November, but primary voting and state caucuses have started and today, March  1st, is a big day in a handful of states (Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota,  Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, & Virginia). If any of those happen to be your states look up the information on the local voting in your state and county so that you can participate. It may not seem like a big deal to take part in this pre-election voting but it is, you are offered the chance to speak up for the candidate you support most within your party and on issues that will be tackled in the coming months.

Me personally, I am a registered Democrat so tonight I’ll head to the local polling place for my party, but if you need to find the location of your parties polling place in your area it’s pretty easy to find by Googling. However what is even more important is educating yourself on the possible candidates and issues, and if you have yet to figure out which individual you want to throw your support behind a great resource is I Side With. It allows you to take a quiz where you answer about your stance on the issues and it will pair you with a candidate that best matches your biggest concerns.

I’ve always made an attempt to keep my voice focused on the importance of the vote rather than candidates, not because the candidates aren’t crucially important, they are top tier of things you need to pay attention to. I just don’t care much for oversharing or possibly forcing my opinions and beliefs on people. Believe me, I have them and will tell you all about them in a lively discourse if you so choose to put yourself in that position. I just prefer to put the emphasis on making sure you’re informed, you’re passionate, and you take full advantage of the privilege that voting is.

So if you’ve already voted in your states primary or caucus congrats! If you’re one of those living in the above mentioned eleven states, go vote today! And if you are yet to participate in an upcoming primary/caucus, good luck!


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