Knowing Where Support Belongs

You can look back through the years and easily find a handful, if not a bushel full, of times where I wax poetically about Johnny Depp and how much I admired him. He has been at the top of my favorite actors list for as long as I can remember it being a thing I actively kept track of. He is at the dawning of when I came into my fangirl ways and has always been a staple.

But today that ends.

I won’t let my being a fan of his work blind me to the actions he has committed. As much as a part of me doesn’t want to believe that someone I have looked up to for years could be capable of domestic violence, I can’t also turn a blind eye and discredit a victim coming forward and being brave enough to name her abuser and doing what she needs to to be safe. Which means that despite all the positive and kind stories I’ve ever heard or believed about Depp over the years no longer matter because they don’t excuse his violent behavior.

Amber Heard is a strong woman who needs all the support she can right now, much more than my former adolescent crush. I’m so sorry for what has happened to her and I wish her nothing but safety and access to people who can help her and lift her up at this time. Some media, misguided fans, and just generally awful people will be attacking her and calling her all sorts of hideous things now, but I can only hope that there will be more people rallying around her, encouraging her strength.

We never want to see the people we love and admire fall or be outed as anything other than fantastic. I thought for years as scandal after scandal happened to other beloved celebrities that I might actually get to low key adore Depp for forever. I should have known better, there have been signs from his past that I neglected both out of naivete and ignorance, but this I can’t ignore or shove aside. It’s a reminder that famous people are just like everyone else and that means some get hurt and some do the hurting.

In real life we would run to support the victim and I don’t see how this is any different than that. Everyone deserves to live a life in which they aren’t in fear of a temper or violence from her partner. I’ll echo again how much I support Amber Heard, and hope that these issues are addressed and resolved as quickly as possible so she can advance her process on moving forward.


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