Titles are the Worst Part

As a person who relies heavily on words and the outlet of writing I have had the hardest time with them lately. Instead I’ve been reading. Like more so this year than I have a in quiet some time, so that’s something at least.

But it’s still endlessly frustrating to feel like there is some sort of road block keeping you from expressing yourself. When writing a note to a friend, composing a tweet, or hell even writing in your own journal feels difficult and inorganic it hits somewhere far below the belt.

I am hoping that it goes away by November because I want to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, dropping out last year sucked and part of me is unsure if I ever recovered from that. I want to return to an activity that normally felt so comfortable and like an old friend, I want to find comfort in the act of sitting down and writing out words and stories and dialogue again like I used to. Not this stiff, insecure place I am at any time I put a pen in my hand or lay my hands on a keyboard.


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