I think it goes without saying that 2016 was…a year. I mean objectively good things did happen, both personal to me and to the world at large, but it’s really hard to ignore the glaringly obvious bad that we had to withstand as well. But all-in-all the most important thing is that we survived and made it to the other side, an accomplishment no matter how small.

And with that being said I don’t feel like talking about 2016 or my resolutions from that year all that much. I didn’t meet the majority of them and some I just down right failed. I don’t know when or how but I just sort of shut down for a large portion of the year and operated on auto-pilot, making sure I completed the important day-to-day tasks that moved me along to the next day so I could do it all over again. But I am adamant that I won’t repeat that pattern this year and so I am moving right along to my 2017 resolutions.


Resolutions for 2017

  1. Travel some place I’ve never been. //  outside the country would be even better
  2. Write daily. // doesn’t matter what; anything is something
  3. Spend money better. //  less frivolous things & more necessities & investments
  4. Learn to focus better. //  meditate and try to block out the negative better & focus on uplifting/positive things as much as possible
  5. Be relentless. //  go hard, don’t give up, don’t be quiet about things that need attention & vigilance.

i tried to claim 2016 was going to be “The Selfish Year” where I took time for me and to focus on things that would make me a better person both inside and outside, provide me with the growth I started to find in 2015. However the Universe was like, “Nah girl not this during this shit-show.” and maybe that was the Universe being a dick, but I like to think it was the Universe saving me and knowing things I could not about the upcoming year. Either way I want to make 2017 not necessarily a re-do for “The Selfish Year” but, an attempt at commitment and follow through. Maybe making that my focus will allow me to learn how to better take care of myself in ways I’ve neglected before. I am usually better under pressure and with a deadline or major goal in mind, so while some of these things seem simple and not well defined I have an idea of what the ultimate end goal looks like to me and working towards accomplishing that will hopefully light a fire under my ass.

Priority number one is starting fresh, clearing out the old and refocusing on the road ahead. 2017 isn’t going to be dedicated to any kind of year, it’s just…a new year.


 Annual signed document proof. ;)


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